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Shifting up thru gears without using clutch

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Mithel, May 30, 2006.

  1. I have been riding for six months, best time of my life - gonna be learning for the next 20 years, if i'm lucky.

    Took my bike in for 12k service last week and the service manager, who is always offering riding tips and tricks, suggested next lesson was to try upshifting without using the clutch, easier on parts and smoother in ride, and less 'false neutrals' or bad changes.

    I have been doing this for the last 4 days (i cross the city every day) and apart from the odd g'dunge from the learning experience find it is smoother. I have worked out that going from 1st to 2nd i need to feather the clutch, and have to be less gentle in making the shift (had it slip out on 2 occasions).

    I don't know any "oracle" riders as yet, present company excluded, and those i do know either don't ride any more or are as green as i am. I am looking for advice on the pluses and minuses of this practice. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. I do it all the time, except from 1st to 2nd, which still really needs a clutch.
    Occasionally when riding slowly I'll feather the clutch slightly for higher gears, but that's mainly 'cause it's a twin (a bit lumpier than multi's).
  3. If I needed to do a clutchless change I use a method where the revs are fairly up and just before I change I back off the throttle slightly and then bring it back in again after the change of gears. :)
  4. Clutch is there for a reason,if you want to pull mono,s then yeah,shift without engaging the clutch,otherwise,I would be using it.
  5. I've done it on every bike I've ever owned, and never had a shred of gearbox 'damage'. And you will always get a clean shift if you just 'weight' the lever, blip off the throttle momentarily and shift it through. The clutch is there mainly to get you off the line, and for smooth downchanges (although you can do clutchless downchanges too, just need to be very precise....)
  6. accelerating between 1-2 use the clutch ... but changing up after that no, just decelertate / back off blip and float the gear through

    6-3 down shifting no just accel blip to remove pressure in drive chain and float gear through

    but I always use a full clutch change between 1-2 up or down...I'll never forgett power lifting the front wheel up while on hard acelerating and short shifting... yum..
  7. Thanks guys, much appreciated. Yep the wrist flick off the throttle to take the tension out of the driveline is the way I've been doing it. I'll probably leave the downshift for a while, not that good yet. i still clunk occasionally, timing issue between foot and hand, but will keep at it.
  8. Modern motorcycle gearboxes are so strong and smooth that you'll create less long-term wear by shifting without the clutch, provided you do it smoothly.

    However, still use the clutch for taking off, 1st -> 2nd, and downshifting.
  9. Mithel's on a 250, so don't see much chance of the mono's between 2-5 gear...

    I never shift without clutch between 1-2, but between 2-5 I do nearly all the time now :grin: anything I can do to get the 250 moving a bit quicker/easier helps :cool:
  10. Fireblade, yep on both counts, not much chance of a mono and it does make it move both smoother and easier.
  11. I use clutchless changes more on downshifts than I do on upshifts...always seem to be able to get a very sweet downchange - better than when I use the clutch..coff
  12. Just don't try to pull a clutchless shift from first to second - above that, upshifts and downshifts are a breeze.
  13. I use clutchless changes all the time and havent had a problem....... yet
  14. i can do them.. roll-off a little then flick it through to the next gear. on downshifts, just as you push down on the peddle, give it a small twist so it goes through smoothly as well.
  15. I call shennaningans.
    Motorcycle gearboxes are dog boxes, you only need the clutch to get going or change the power delivery. You can change up or down to and from any gear, all just comes down to timing and being smooth.
  16. oh boy, hear we go again......

    wait for it



    Now we have that out of the way, a clutch is certainly there for a reason - you can't start the bike without it unless you can paddle along with your feet up to idle speed in first, or you always start by rolling downhill. Other than that, there is no need for a suitably skilled operator to use the clutch until he stops again.
  17. Or wants to clutch up a mono on a 125cc 9ps hyperbike..... :grin:
  18. hehe :D

    I figure that anyone capable of riding a full dresser harley around with the tail scraping on the ground should be able to get a 125 up without a clutch as well :D

    what do they say about 'all in the wrist' ?
  19. +1 ;)
  20. I gave it a go today...
    My timing must be out, because it was quite rough for me.