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Shifting + RPM

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Ridingtime, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. I'm just curious has anyone ever heard of a 08 gsxr 600 topping out at 7-8k revs? When should you shift for average cruising on the street?
    I just got my bike registered today and maybe its just the fact that i have never been on a performance bike before but as i reach 8k RPM's it sounds really loud almost as if im red lining it when im not.
    That's not a very accurate way of describing it but im not sure how to describe it any better.
    Considering the max RPM is 16k could it be a problem with the engine?
    P.s. meant to post in technical sorry

  2. Seriously? .. You bought a screaming 4cyl known and you're surprised it wants to rev?

    Take it to actual red line, note how much louder it is! Then facepalm at buying a bike you have to thrash to get to the sweet spot.
  3. Just ignore what your senses tell you and take it to the redline. Then readjust your thinking to suit.
  4. Party doesn't start until 10,000rpm....

    Try it in second gear first though.

    What bike did you start on?
  5. I started on a dr250 then went to a xlv650. This bike has power but i don't want to push it till Ive had it serviced and checked over. I'm pretty sure its just me being very anxious Ive never been on a performance machine before and im not sure about everything so im trying to take it slow and learn everything about the bike and how to ride it properly before i push it.
  6. Not that my bike is a performance bike on the same level by any means. But I used to feel similar to that on my CBR250RR. It's redline is 19K, but by 6K I used to think "well, now the bystanders are deaf"

    But you get used to it. Now I don't feel my bikes even that loud anymore. Unless of course I go through the Sydney Harbour tunnel :D
  7. i was much the same after getting my Z. i was/still am a car person, so the sound of the bike revving over 6k (14k r/l), to me, was screaming to change up. after a while you get used to it.

    when im cruising round town, i usually ride it in the 2-6k range, but stretch its legs every few traffic lights (bring it up to 10ish. which is already speeding in 1st..)

    all in all, listen to the bike, it will tell you what it wants you to do, you just need to understand what its saying to you
  8. Its good to know that im not the only one that has thought about this. Hopefully i get used to it after riding for a while.

    By Z do you mean a datsun or or a Kawasaki z? I was tempted to forgo the bike and get a 240z but i have no room for one at the moment. Yeah i quite liked cruising in the 4-6k range however once i get used to the noise the range may increase. 1st gear 6-8k rpms it was already past the speed limit before i realized and dropped the speed down. I would ask why people need 1000cc sports bikes then i remember some people have large egos or big balls or a combination of the two haha.
  9. Hehehehe,check this blokes IP address.
  10. Whats wrong with my IP address?
  11. Pretty sure those bikes have some sort of butterfly valve in their exhaust that will open up after 5k rpms... So that's probably the "jump" in noise levels you're hearing... Rev it further!!!
  12. I've had exactly the same thought when opening up the throttle on my Street Triple R. Upgraded from a single-cylinder 250 last year, and because I'm used to the sound of that bike, and the pitch at which I knew it was time to change gears, that same pitch now comes at much lower revs that it used to come on the 250. As a result every time I get up to about 5-6k I think "gee, I'm really flogging it" - but then I look down at the tach and realise I'm not even giving it half of what it will do... Still not used to it yet!
  13. mines had some carbon surgery and a valve-ectemy in the exhaust reigion.

    I mean my z750, to be referred to from now on as 'Z', 'baby Z' or 'Kendra'
  14. Give me a ride, I'll blow the cobwebs out of it for you :p
  15. I had the same thing happening, test riding on a street triple the other day. Made me giggle...