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Shifting gears without clutch

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by fullvision, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. I found this tip on a previous great post but still have some concerns
    First of all it was like a since fiction to me !
    I am in the process of practicing it and really it's mind blowing :)
    But now i need to know is it right or a wrong practice
    In other words , would I reck my bike by shifting without clutch or is it actually better for the bike and of course performance ?

    I wish if there are any riders who do this technique to reply
    Cheers and happy Melbourne cub ( for those whom in Melbourne )

  2. Rob explained this to somebody else by getting them to answer the following questions. So now you can have a go....
    What does the clutch do?
    What happens in the gearbox when you shut the throttle?
  3. + there are a lot of threads and posts on this exact subject, a quick search should unearth them.....
  4. best thing is get a quickshifter installed and the excitement of shifting without a clutch is increased 10000340.45395% guaranteed!*

    *your enjoyment factor may vary
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  5. 1-2. Not so good, find it hard to make it really smooth compared to higher gears.
    2-3-4-5-6 more often than not, clutchless i will shift.

    I don't do it going down the gears, that takes a bit more technique as i understand it.

    Quickshifters while good don't suit all bikes as far as i understand (or would be a far more complicated installation) especially if the shifter lever is directly coupled to the gearbox rather than with a rod in between where the load cell can be placed.

    Quick shifter on my old mans BMW 1300S does sound beautiful though.
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  6. Same here.
  7. cozzmo you're right, doesn't suit all bikes but putting a Quickshifter on my GSXR was one of the best moments of my riding life.

    1-2 isn't really worth it, too jumpy and rough when no clutch shifting, 2+ go for it, depending on your bike if you're looking to track it, consider a Quickshifter (think I have an unnatural love for them!)
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  8. When I'm pushing (well when I imagine I'm pushing) I don't use the clutch on the way up.

    I do occasionally change down without the clutch. Not as easy, you do need to get the revs right, it is worth practicing. Why? Because if your bike falls over and the clutch lever is broken it will be a skill you'll be thankful you have.

    Edit: starting off without a clutch is certainly an interesting experience. It's also embarrassing and frightening.
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  9. as long as you know how to match engine rev and gear(that you want to shift up or down) rev,

    Clutchless shifting is always possible.
  10. And that comes down to practice.
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  11. Aye, and it beats the living daylights out of walking home when the clutch cable/hydraulics are broken. ;)
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  12. I hope your trolling lol

    Anyone who thinks a QS is meant to be used for every up shift is misinformed and probably fcuking their gearbox.

    The basic rule of thumb for clutchless up shifts, downshifts and quick shifter use is if it feels smooth and clean its probably not harming anything, if it feel rough/violent ______.
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  13. Nah man quickshift while commuting for sure, the whole driveline loves it.... :) lol
  14. " Clutchless shifting is always possible."

    Introducing the TLR1000, with revolutionary patented highside technology. Try a clutchless downshift on one of those bastards and let me know how you get on.
  15. Very interesting! You have a VFR, as do I, and you've found the same thing as I have. A 1-2 clutchless change is certainly possible, but it is harder to get it right than the other gears. With clutchless down shifts, they will probably be awful if you're not in the 4000-5000 RPM range before shifting. Below this, they're jerky. Above this, it's revving the engine a bit too much for around town. The throttle control also has to be spot-on for down shifting, rolling off just enough to disengage the gear dog teeth, then blip just enough to match the rev's as it slides into the next gear down. Certainly a step up in technique from clutchless up-shifting!
  16. 1-2 doesn't work for me, always get nuteral. Clutchless up's on other gears wherever possible.

    The best thing about it is the look on cagers faces when riding one handed.
    "Did that guy just change gear without the clutch :confused: hu? what happend. Holly cow he did it again! Must be magic:eek: "
  17. Probably your imagination, I don't think a cager know where the clutch is on a motorbike. They probably think it's the rear brake like a bicycle.
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  18. most cagers wouldn't know much about changing gears these days, almost every car is auto now
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  19. ha you guys don't give them enough credit. Most car enthusiasts will know where bike controls are, just not how they work.

    Someone has asked me at the lights if my bike was automatic.
  20. I had a VTR1000 no problems down shifting with out the clutch as long as the road and engine speed were matched