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Shift workin and days orf

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fuggit, Aug 21, 2005.

  1. As my bike is getting nearer and nearer to me i waz wondering how of us netriders do shiftwork or panel work the reason i'm asking this is cause i do 4 on 4 off and would like to meet up with some of u people and its also a good exscuse to go ridin hehehhe :D if u can pm me or reply here that would be great :D

  2. Well, I work 12 hr rotating shifts in the power industry here in Victoria. 2 days, 2 nights 5 off continuous, with 3 extra days thrown in over a 70 day roster cycleto make up the 38 hour week. They can be training or project days or whatever the boss wants us to do.

    We often do mid-week rides, sometimes even overnighters, if the weather's good and people are available. But mostly, they're weekends, and as I work 2 weekends out of 3, I often miss out.
  3. I'm a casual relief school teacher so I do get days off when no school calls, but I never know what days they are going to be so it's a bit difficult to plan anything.

    Having said that, I think it might be a bit difficult for me to get up YOUR way for a ride even if I DID get a day off, man Cobar is SO far away.
  4. yeh rc i'm hearing ya i posted this mainly cause when i get my 4 days off i can have a good gander around the country side i'm not really fussed about distance as long it is'nt a 2 day trip then again ?
  5. so, how far away from wollongong is cobar??
  6. how far is wollongong from sydney any takers?and where abouts
  7. wollongong is about 70k's south of sydney
    how far to cobar????
  8. well where is says about 750 k's not a vad days ride
  9. I'm in Newcastle and I work 4 on 4 off usually also.
    Still too far from Cobar though sorry!! ;-)
  10. I used to worknight shift. I hated the Friday night shift. It was usually like a graveyard which made it so boring but when the shit hit the fan, boy did the shit hit the fan
  11. well i might refrase the post a little bit the main reason i am a asking is so i can get out of cobar for my 4 days orf any where in nsw or vic really is no prob even better if i get shown some good beach fishing spots as well :D
  12. I work arvo shift at holden :)

    Get every weekend off
  13. So here's an opportunity; hop over to the Events section and put your name down for the Tamworth Overnighter!!!
    See ya there!
  14. well i would if i could hornet but i'm back to workin over weekends though, i'll be double check my rooster at work this week and also no one likes to cover for ya over the weekend which is a bit of a bugger
  15. RATS!! Well, next time!
  16. What do you think of working a permanent shift? A lot of places have rotating 12hr shifts, such as where I work. 2 days, 2 nights 4 off repeating.

    We used to work 8 hr shifts, 6 days, 1 off, 6 nights, 5 off, 6 arvos, 3 off, repeating. The nights used to kill me. 12hr shifts are a lot easier to deal with, particularly as we get older.

    What can be a bugger is the rotation. A mob next door to us works 2 nights, then 2 days and 5 off. So, you'd finish on say, Monday morning, then turn around and be up at 6 am for a 7am start on Tuesday. That used to kill me. Dayshifts were always a struggle, as it was dificult to get to sleep after the second night, and be up early the next morning.