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Shift workers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by yohcaptain, Jul 26, 2006.

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  1. hell boys and girls :grin: i was just wondering if any netriders in victoria who live in the east or south east suburbs who do shift work ( night shift ) would like to go for a ride before work . :p . you see i start at 5 in the afternoon and i go for lonely rides before work . :cry: . is there any netriders that would like some company if they do the same .. on weekends its a bit hard for me to get out due to other commitments.. and with cricket season coming up well it will just get harder to find time .. im also off to do kokoda track so i was hoping to start up something after that .. if not no worries but i will try to get to one of those Vic ride events soon :)

  2. G'day mate. i start at 2pm and tomorrow morning me and Undii (Wazza) are meeting up for a ride in port melbourne. at around 11am. PM me for details if you would like to tag along.

    im just going to pop out for a smoke and should be online for another 15-20mins. PM me or add on MSN :)
  3. i start work at 5pm as well (5-10pm shift) and also enjoy day time rides in the sun now that i have the new toy.

    the port melbourne ride at 11am tomorrow sounds awesome! i'll chuck you a PM about it to get your details.

    ohh one other thing...

    have fun at work day shift suckers!

    :biker: :demon:
  4. Yep I'm the same start at 5 and always out riding during the day on my own, *sigh*It can get ever so lonely.

    I would love a regular weekday ride, with a group.
  5. Yup don't forget the people forced not to work (for a while) :) I'm waiting for upcoming surgery so I have a bit of time to ride, just have physio mon+ wed 1+ PM. As stated, going for a ride today in this spectacular weather for July today :grin: Finally something to make me smile this week :)
  6. I work the graveyard 11 pm till 7 am, usually out for a ride on friday's. Off to get some sleep before a quick ride to Emerald after 2pm today.
    Friday 28/7 Berwick to GOR via the Ferry, and see dad in geelong on the way.
    Would like a semi regular ride most friday's !
  7. Shift workers ride

    hey guys and gals :grin: couple of the boys (slyfox,Undii,Breno) and myself got together and had a ride up and down beach road.. first time i meet any netriders and they seemed okay so far :LOL: I would like to continue a mid week ride for shift workers and anyone who would take a day off :? to join myself and others :p so if you are really intrested plz let me know .. and if weather permits will go on a much longer ride than today .. TY fellas for waiting for the little 250 to catch up :wink:
  8. The idea of mid-week rides appeals to me. As a shiftworker I work 2 out of 3 weekends, so I tend to miss out on a lot of rides.

    I wouldn't mind doing some mid-week overnighters, too. Last year a few of us rode from the Latrobe Valley to Warnanmbool on a Wed, coming home Thursday.

    This year we're doing a mid-week ride to Jamieson after the GP. It'll involve dirt and road bikes. Should be a good one.
  9. keep me in the loop, i get more weekdays off than weekends.

  10. Well I have eight sleeps to retirement, so I expect to have some free midweek time.....
  11. What times/days are you thinking?
  12. haha didnt see this thread :s i snuck on at work and made one :p

    sorry waz for leaving in baystreet but i got shafted by a truck!

    thursday mornings are good for me and waz, and the cap'n and i think mr fox has thurs mornings and some others off.

    cant beleive i missed this thread >.<

    was a fun ride. and Archie, i beleive i was catching up to you some of the time :p
  13. I gotta take my son to kinder at 9am on a thurs but am free after that until 3pm
  14. Well that was a good catch up + cruise (especially for july in melbourne!!!). Nice one for no pre planned ideas and a bunch of people just catching up who haven't met before :)

    We me tup, talked for a good while, went for a cruise, yours truely was the ride leader :grin: It is GREAT riding mid week, hardly any idiots about, was good for a nice beach cruise and then got to let loose a little on the highway after we had lunch.

    The only downer was while we were heading back to port melbourne (the start of our day) the weather over melbourne looked REAL bad. Didn't know if we were going to be caught in an unexpected storm. All good it seemed to be, hopefully everyone made it back without getting rained on?

    Enjoyed seeing the bikes, 3 pretty much brand new bikes riding together was a sight to be seen with a cool as bright cbr zipping up and down was COOL :)

    Hope this can be some sort of regular thing, depending on weather and my healing schedule. Was fun!

    Breno, I fell asleep when I got home as my sleeping patterns are warped atm due to not working + physio etc so I did get your message mate, I was jus too tired to reply and quickly fell asleep for a 2-3 hr nap. heh!

    Heres a pic of today

  15. yeah next week we will take some pics of all the shiny bikes lined up. (and the non shiny ones if they come :D )
  16. Re: Shift workers ride

    ^^ you were doing atleast 63km/h today....naughty naughty!
  17. Re: Shift workers ride

    Remember that speedos on new vehicles over state speed on purpose. Fairly sure the 675 is 7% overstated from factory so if yours was similar, it was legally under 60 km/h much to some cagers anger who overtook us stupidly in a couple spots and we proceeded to catch up to them at the next lights :wink:
  18. hey wazza when are we heading to the pub again? i hope we can drink instead of ride next time bud :LOL: :LOL:
  19. Are you serious... you'd prefer to be at the pub instead of riding the R6 :shock:
  20. In winter, some nights are better to be indoors + drinking than riding (read, wet + cold nights!) :cool:
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