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Shift Work & TV

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Finn, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. I'm not sure if this is a rhetorical question, a general question or just a rant.
    But WTF is it with TV at this (03:30) time of the Morning?

    It seems that because I don't have (can't afford) Pay TV, it's either Infomercials, Danoz or Religion.
    No matter what channel I click on I'm getting something I don't care for rammed down my throat!
    No wonder Shift workers feel like jail bitches. (No Mods, Jail sex is Not Funny)

    So. the way I see it, I can biatch about it, (boy, can I biatch about it) or I can extend an invite to all my Shift Working Brethren and make the most of the sitch.

    If you also feel the pain of Shift work, feel free to PM me and if I'm on the same shift, I'd love to get out mid morning, mid week or even at Midnight for a quicky :-s, or a nice slow cruisy :-s:-s ride.
    At this point I feel like adding " Hi, my name's Uncle and I like slow rides through long sweepers and the occasional twistie when I'm feeling naughty"....
    Too many Danoz commercials I think.

    PM if you're a shift worker.
    (I'm ging to wake the wifey up :demon:)
  2. Yup I feel your pain............... I have finally given up nightshift and gone back to days, some mornings if the weather was nice my ride home could take a couple of hours of cruising beach road, gave up on tv all together, get home put the puta on or dvd'd it... danoz blows
  3. I hear you aswell so for the extra $$ working night shift Foxtel is my friend
  4. what was on One HD? better than the crap you mentioned I bet?
  5. I feel for you. Lots of shift workers around here too because of the steel works. It disrupts nearly ever facet of life, from the kids having to tippy-toe around the house while you're sleeping and everyone else is awake, to your social life, just sucks. I know some people have to do it, but I reckon God made us with eyes that don't see well at night because He intended us to be sleeping. If He'd have meant us to be working at night we'd have eyes like cats do.

    Maybe you need to go down to your local Sanity store and stock up on some good DVD's??
  6. digital television has a few extra channels, it's free and not all of them have infomercials.
  7. My TV reception was pretty dodgy - only worked when it was overcast (but not rainy), signal must bounce off the clouds or somethin' - but about a year ago a bloke at the top of the hill put a steel shed up and now I get nothing. My DVD player has packed it in too. I haven't bothered replacing it yet.

    The ABC's iview thingy is good - except I've got slow as a wet week country adsl and I got sick of watching it in 5 minute bursts. Then I found an iview downloader. Brilliant.

    Or you could read a book.
  8. there was some guy on a religious show last night, who said if I sent him my prayer request he would collect them all on a table and pass his hands over it. then he said my request would be sent to jerusalem, where some stranger would yell it out at god in a prayer hall for 30 days. he didn't tell me how much this futile service would cost, but it was slightly entertaining.
  9. [​IMG]

    this bloke?

    fark tv! i hardly watch the thing.
  10. If you can't get out on a ride, get a PVR (Personal Video Recorder) and when you get home, all your favourite programs will be waiting for you. Research Topfield and Beyonwiz brands.

    I only watch what I want, when I want, and I don't watch ads.
  11. ... *yikes*... god must be very busy at the moment!!.....

    I mean, I thought ya just had to say god bless mummy, god bless daddy and god bless the dog... and then sneak in a request at the end (eg: ....and by the way, please can I have a new bike for my birthday!).

    Heck!!... now you have to yell at him for 30 days!!..... 8-[
  12. Shiftworker who's given up on tv here too... The internet is my friend these days...
  13. What gets me is the poor quality of TV during the day. It is no wonder doll bludgers get into an unbreakable cycle when that is all they have to stimulate them.

    I have real concerns for the mental health of stay at home mums (and others).

    I wonder at the right to vote for people that are feed on a diet of this.

    I was home the other day and got quite annoyed at Channel 2. Mid-morning and they had kids shows on ABC1. That's fine and good. They had more kids shows on ABC 2. mmm? Maybe there was an arguement when there was only 2 ABCs But they also had more kids shows on the new ABC 3.

    I would have thought that since they now have a digitial channel dedicated to kids/young adults that they could remove the kids shows from ABC2 and program something a little more intellectually stimulating for people that are home during that time of day.
  14. Either get a PVR and record the shows you want to watch when you're awake or checkout channel BT or usenet and download them.
  15. We have Digital and that's what surprised me.
    Abturner on one channel, Zumba on another, some face cream on another etc etc.

    I'm not much for watching Sport. Don't mind a game of back yard cricket or footy but won't sit there and watch it.

    What I failed to mention was that I had done the Tooheys Brewery quite the favour last night when I got in.
    When I got up this morning I thought; sh1t, I better check to see what I posted. ("jees I hope I haven't been banned again 8-["

    I see it's all good =D>.

    I try to stay off the PC otherwise I'll be up until 05:00 (which is exactly what happened) and then I'm up at 07:00 - 07:30 with a youngen in my face "Dad can I have my CoCo Pops now please"? ](*,)

    Looks like I'm off to buy some more DVDs.
  16. you've got a computational thingy. What wrong with pron?
  17. As I said, I'd be up 'til 5:00 and probably end up skinnin' sumfin

  18. that's the one.
    perhaps in his age his hearing is starting to go?

    i try and avoid late night tv. after Letterman and Cops, it's a vapid wasteland...
    Much better to stick with Channel Xbox on telly and Channel Torrent on the lappers :)
  19. Population growth.

    I feel the pain - not shift work as such but 5 days a week I finish at 11pm. If I hurry I can get home for Letterman (first 15 mins or so, then depends who the guest is.) After that it's pretty slim pickings - even 1HD is dull that time of day - Euro sport magazine (90% soccer)... every now and again you get lucky with an AFL flashback game on 7Two if that's your thing.

    I've got a PVR on the way, otherwise DVDs or catching up on a day of Netrider which can take hours in the mobile hair-line-band blackspot that is Forest Lodge.

    Unfortunately, Uncle, I usually start at work an hour either side of midday, so just not quite enough time to be worth a ride. Not to mention bikeless at present.
  20. Yeah Sorry to hear about that.

    Hope repairs don't take long for you.

    When I'm on arvos, I try to get a few minutes to check my PMs.
    I'm always up for a midnight run, when you get her back.


    (Formerly Uncle)