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Shift work question

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by robbied, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. Hi guys,

    Just a quick question for you,

    If I completed an 8 hour shift at 10:30PM and began my next 8 hour shift at 05:30AM (7 hours break in between) should I be getting paid overtime or an increased shift allowance because of my inability to get the recommended 8 hours sleep time? This is bearing in mind I already always receive a 20% shift loading on my hours.


  2. You have to check the certified agreement of your workplace. For example at my workplace we are entitled to a 10 hour break after any given shift. Failure to comply that attracts a penalty of double time and a half until a proper 10 hours break is taken.

    We have never been called to work with less than a 10 hours break.

  3. Our agreement here is the industry award system. I have just looked through the award and regarding minimum breaks between shifts it says this:

    "Shift workers will be entitled to have a break of at least 7.6 hours between the finishing time of one period of duty and the commencing time of the next period of duty. "

    I had a 6-7 hour break so does anyone know if that means that im entitled to receive overtime?
  4. Depends what state you're in but fairly sure that in Victoria at least a 10 hour break is the absolute minimum allowed by law (12 hours if it's a 12 hour shift).
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  6. AT my NSW rail depot we must have a minimum 8 hour break between shifts, we cannot get signed on if it’s less.
  7. if you are in a union just ask your rep :?:
  8. Yep, at my workplace for the first .6 of the shift you'd be getting penalty rates.

    Not, however, if you were an on-call casual.
  9. Just a quick answer for you.

    If you work in Victoria Worksafe has issued guidelines for fatique management and I think that it requires all workplaces to put FM policies in place.

    We just went through this where I work (power industry). Our hours etc. are covered by our EBA, but what is in the EBA cannot contravene state or federal law in respect to this.

    As you don't say what state you live in (me, constant one of confusion), I can only refer to Victoria and Worksafe here. Best to have a look at your own state's equivalent and see what it has to say.

    But if you're covered by an EBA then that spells it out for you if it's been provisioned. If it's not, then refer to Worksafe. If there are issues then they should be addressed. 7hrs is nowhere near enough time off between shifts and if someone gets hurt because they're fatiqued, you can bet your balls that your employer will hang you out to dry if it can.
  10. We used to have a 9 hour break ,then in the last EBA the casuals were then made to only have a 8 hour break {yeah permo's need more sleep then a casual that's doing most of the work :roll: }.

    But our argument was 8 hours is not long enough when the company hires people that live 2 hours drive away .
    2 hours home ,shower and dinner and bed .....then up get and ready and go then a 2 hour drive back to work.' :shock:
    You get 3 hours sleep and operate HEAVY machinery.

    But the *cough* "management" :roll: ,said the nurses do it and they have people lives in there hands so you can do it. :roll: