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Shift vs Alpinestars jackets?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by dastrix, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. All the features look the same, yet the Alpinestars magnum which looks comparable to the Superstreet leather jacket or octane is a good few hundred bucks more...

    What is the attraction other than brand cred that differs these two?

    n00b rider
  2. Dare i say it....wankfactor.

    No seriously, it all depends on what fits you best. Alpinestars gear i find really uncomortable and the shift is awesome. Thats why I own shift jackets. Thats not to say that Alpinestars is uncomfortable for everyone.
  3. I got my A* on special, so being a tightarse who wants to look cool it won! There both good brands, which one looks sexier? :cool:
  4. listen to what he said. i even put the sticker on my door :cool:
  5. Going to check out Shift this weekend :p
  6. I dont have a bike yet... but i can say ive tried on a Shift jacket...
    Very comfortable fit, dont see the point in paying extra for an Alpinestars power ranger jacket...
  7. Tried on both today, the Shift is about 10x more comfortable with the stretchable leather. The Alpinestars i tired on felt like a board of tin metal on me!
  8. i got shift myself... Crash tested and a hole got ripped on the shoulder where the armour is... i'd still buy another though! comfortable as!
  9. Ended up with the Black Alpinestars TX-1, nice jacket and comfy size 52 fits nicely.
  10. TX-1 is niiiice!! Just ordered an MX-1 myself from the U.S.
  11. Thanks guys! yep the Black one is what I got ;)

    Here is a picture

  12. That is a very nice looking jacket!
  13. Nice Jacket.

    The $200 more that you pay for is you paying Alpinestars so they can do the R&D.

    Otherwise there would be a shop on every corner like in Bali making "Genuine" Alpinestars jackets.
  14. Just wondering the reason why you went with A* since it was less comfy.
  15. It will supple up after a few weeks wearing it. It will mould to your shape
  16. Stragely enough when I put the Astars on this time around, it felt very comfy. I dont know if the jacket I tried on last time was different...

    I went with Astars over shift for these reasons

    brand heritage
    safety, proven gear
  17. I tried those on too, VERY CONFORTABLE, comes in three colours red, blue and black.

    I won a shift jaket off Ebay, one size too big..... but i have tried on the shift jacket at store. A star is more confortable.
  18. I have alot of aplinestars stuff it seems....

    When i bought my bike i was a noob, i admit it, i went upstairs PS and threw myself on his mercy, i want a jacket, up to 300 and gloves around 100.

    Straight away we went to this textile Astars jacket, and then over to the astars SP2 gloves. All i knew was what felt comfy. So with the discount for buying the bike it ended up around $400 for that expedition. Recently i went to race replica for some boots, and.. yep, Astars. Oh and i got my urban camo draggins which have accumulated alot of ridicule at work already.

    I didnt even know they had a rep, never heard of them, but as i said, noob.
  19. now, if those *'s were alittle less pronounced...

    which store in sydney can one try on a jacket such as this?