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Shift Torque Street Jeans

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mini_chew90, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. Hey just been looking for a pair of riding jeans on the net and I found the shift torque jeans. Just wondering if any has a pair and could tell me where abouts is the kevlar located on the pants.

  2. A kevlar panel over the knee and around the butt

    Kevlar panels are not as big and thick as in my draggin jeans.
  3. BUT:

    Kevlar is Kevlar regardless of how thick it is. It'll still stop your ass from getting gravel in it whilst sliding down the road.

    They're made better than the Draggins (I've had 2 x pairs that fell apart from standard use - no accidents :evil: ) and are made of a better quality denim. The Kevlar also covers a wider area than the draggins. They also have some nice touches on them like leather trim around the bottom of the legs to stop you shredding the denim if you walk on the edges of the jeans.

    I've also had one trip down the road in my last pair w/ no skin dramas and my friend also did too at around 60km/h recently. His pockets were ripped off but the kevkar stopped his legs from taking a caning.

    Buy the Shift Torques. Draggins are a waste of money IMO from personal experience. :)
  4. Expecting to get another pair of Draggins monday.. might have a 2nd look at the shift torques :-k ta
  5. Give 'em a shot VCM. You'll be very surprised :) They're also cheaper by about $60 a pair. The 'Torques' also have a leather trim on the pockets and some attractive stitching around the belt that makes them look very smart.

    Let me know how you go mate.
  6. Not necessarily so...

    I bought a pair of Shift Jeans (not the Torque) thinking the same thing. Went for a slide down the road and my knee didn't like the outcome. and then I read the label which revealed 7% Kevlar lining in the knee patches.

    Some Kevlar jeans are better than others. Read the Label before purchase.
  7. Yes, but did you get kevlar burn? Because that will always happen. It's the amount of gravel it stops from getting into your wounds which is important.
  8. from my experience it's all a matter of how you impact the ground...when I binned the Blackbird I came down hard on my left knee...the Kevlar tore through and I lost a fair bit of bark off my knee...and i also had the kevlar burns too...this was wearing draggins.if i had had the knox knee armour in at the time I probably would have just had the kevlar burns.

    It would be very hard to rate which is better because every accident is different...buy the ones that fit well and are the price you want to pay...I still use Draggins but will probably look into a pair of these myself when time comes for some new jeans.
  9. oops double post :roll:
  10. cheers ay handy info
  11. love mine. comfortable, safe (one would presume), they look great and are practical. The leather on the cuffs, there's a little pocket on the left knee which is perfect for putting your bike key where it cant be pickpocketed or lost. and they look awesome, get heaps of positive comments, and thats from people who dont know they're motorbike jeans!

    kevlar in these is stitched differently to draggins, arguable as to if they are as safe, safer or less safe. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better then normal jeans anyway. and there's no argument as to which look better between the shift's and the stodgy, ultra-quick fade dye draggin's :p
  12. can you get knee armour for these?
  13. Too right. I took a slide in my draggins a while ago and was really, really happy with the outcome. I won't change brands but... man, the Draggins are bloody ugly!