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Shift to 1st Gear Issue

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by martz, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. Not sure if this should be in the noob section lol but I just got my licence and a bike to match (CBR250R). I'm having a problem shifting from neutral to 1st. I was at the lights on Sat arvo, put the bike in neutral to shake out my arms or whateva then lights go green and it wouldn't let me shift to 1st. I was pumping the shift lever and it wouldn't go. After about 20 seconds it finally let me, phew. It was a bit embarrassing with a gazillion cars behind me :dance:

    I checked it out at home and it seems that it wouldn't go into first unless I either marginally roll the bike back or fourth. Is this normal? This was my first day of riding on this bike and I didn't notice it in the morning, it was shifting flawlessly. The 125CC that I was learning on through Q-Ride didn't have this issue either, was shifting perfectly every time.

  2. It's normal, get used to changing into first early at the lights.
    As you said, rocking back or forward should get it into gear.
    Most would recommend staying in gear & watching your mirrors for vehicles that may rearend you.
  3. Normal.

    Another way is to keep your foot on the lever and slowly let out the clutch. It will pop into first, but be careful not to dump the clutch.

    Also make sure you clutch is adjusted properly, if it's cable operated.

    And make sure you have the right oil in the engine.

    Both of these measures will help to reduce the occurrence, but in reality it's just part of riding a bike.
  4. What these guys said. My GPX 250 did that all the time. Clutch out and back in worked on that bike, better to stay in gear IMHO if you can.
  5. This is my usual approach when this problem arises.
  6. Are you riding the 250 single CBR250R (2011-13) etc? I have one of these and the gearbox is pretty clunky. They are an economical build and quality is not their middle name.
    Be firm with gear shifting and they will do what you want.
  7. Had this issue too with cbr 250, cbr500 and cbf250
  8. Completely normal. I usually select first just before I come to a halt and keep it there ( my clutch isn't too heavy).
  9. Good to know it's normal, I thought the transmission was broken :(
    I'll just stop being cool and leave it in gear from now on ;)
  10. Yep normal, I have the same thing when starting up cause the bike isn't rolling. I just put pressure on the gear level and let the clutch out until it pops down into 1st and pull the clutch back in, kinda like just snicking it in. I also have a CBR250R (2011)
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