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Shift SR-1 Leather Jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Pedro78, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Im looking at purchasing a Shift SR-1 Leather Jacket.
    Just after some opinions from people who currently own one such as.
    Are they warm enough in winter?
    Do the Perforated leather panels actually let much air in for the warmer says?
    What is the quality of the jacket like?
  2. theres stretch kevlar panels on the front section of the arms so youll feel the breeze through there. but youll mainly feel the breeze down the front of the neck. id say its well ventilated.

    i havent worn mine during summer here yet so i cant say how hot it is, but i can say during winter youll need to put a long neck jumper on underneath the jacket to keep the breeze off your neck and chest and also to keep your arms warm.

    the jacket comes with a zip in thermal liner vest, but i think its pretty useless, as it does not keep your arms warm, or keep the breeze out

    as for the quality, it seems to be about the same as the alpinestars jackets from what i can see. at least i dont think your getting anything more than a particular brandname for the extra price.

    the sr1 has single rows of stitching on the leather panels, as does the alpinestars stuff. im fairly confident youll keep your skin on in a serious slide, its not cheap gear. the forearm and shoulders has fairly chunky impact padding which is good.

    so all round its a very comfortable jacket with the stretch panels, though the main reason for me buying it was i needed to by the redline pants, as they were the only ones ive found which fit me well. it turned out to be a good combo, i paid 550 for the jacket and 450 for the pants
  3. Mate..leather is not warm. Leather is for protection. Thermals are for warm. Perforated jackets, may be cooler in summer, but bloody freezing in winter.
    I use leather gear for temps up to about 33C, after that Dri-mesh style jacket.
  4. wearing a jumper under the jacket and thermal leggings under the pants was plenty warm for all but the very coldest of mornings here.

    theres not really much perforated leather on the sr1 jacket, only a small section around the neck, the real breezy part is the stretch kevlar on the arms, thats where youll definitely feel the cold first
  5. Thanks gsxxer
    The add for them says Perforated leather panels with additional air intake vents and i couldnt figure out for the life of me where the additional air intake vents were as there arnt any parts that unzip like other jackets.
    Now that you talk about the kevlar on the arms letting air through its all starting to make sence.
    Its a shame that the winter liner doesnt extend down the arms to keep the wind off but as long as i can fit a jumper underneath i should be fine.
    I just won one of these jackets on Ebay so i guess i'll find out what they are like next week.
  6. My Shift jacket has been good to me i havent 'used' it so far. I'd pretty much echo everything gsxxer said about the features of the jacket. I think the only bad thing is that there is no slip in back protector besides for the foam that comes in the jacket.

    Bikebiz can order one in thats made of a few different materials and can be cut to shape to fit.