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shift redline leather pants and dainese axial boots

Discussion in 'Pants' started by vtecr, May 26, 2009.

  1. sorry i don't know how to post pics...

    I had a pair of gaerne boots and plain leather pants since 1999 and you get wider as the years go on...anyway, had a lowside 2003 but both were ok apart from scuff marks.

    Feeling my age, (bought an 07 cbr600rr 1 month ago), i wanted something with padding if i fall again and the shoes were getting unconfortable so i went shopping.

    I originally wanted RST leather pants but they do not fit properly, so the Shift were tried on and they stayed on for the next 20 minutes! So I looked at the Alpinestars they had on sale and wouldn't you know, they were unconfortable. The salesperson said do you want to try the Daineses? The only time i bought a helmet, i tried from the bottom of the range until i knew that the Shoei were going to fit my head - in which I bought. Were they comfortable!

    Anyway, credit maxed out later, I was semi regretting the price on the items I just bought.

    After a few rides, now I do not want to take them off. Sooo comfortable. Now i know my body has expensive fittings.

    I never want to buy the top of the range or the bottom of the range, just value for money. But it seems my body disagrees...