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Shift M1 Jacket

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Blodders, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. am looking at getting my first leather jacket.
    and have found a shift m1 leather jacket for $500
    any one know anything on this brand?
    is there any thing i should be look for in a leather jacket?

    Link to the product

  2. In my opinion these are the best looking jackets around ;)
    I have the shift m1 fire (camo) design, and the finishing is excellent, the form and fit is second to none, and feels very tough; although i haven't been down in one of them but shift is a good company so won't be selling duds in terms of protection.

    Personally, i prefer the desert camo design, but the white looks really nice too, except it might be a biatch to keep clean. Black is always a winner.


    Another thing to note would be, with a $500 budget you have a wide variety of jackets you can choose from. You should try on as many as you can and take the one that looks best and feels most comfortable.
  3. Great looking jacket, sadly they aren't designed for blokes with 4 six-packs stacked on top of one another :rofl:
  4. i have the white one. its pretty good for the price and they have a inner layer that can be removed for summer. imho, its pretty good but i dont recommend the white. gets dirty very quick but looks smick.
  5. I got that exact same one a few months back. Fitted perfect at the time but has now stretched a bit and is much more comfortable. Only problem i have is the armour always feels like its coming loose, only in the right shoulder but other than that its been great. Just be careful of the zips on the cuffs (if you wear you gloves under your sleeves) and doing u-turns. Now have quite a few scratchs on my tank from this!
  6. You need an Across, Vic. You could sit a couple of your 6-packs into that! Might want to remove the lid though...

    "Integrated pocket for a back protector."
    The Shift jacket doesn't have back armour. You'll need to buy it yourself, so you'll also need to factor in the price of that.
  7. I got the same jacket, except in grey fire camo.
    They're an excellent jacket. Love'em, fits really well on me.
  8. I find that most jacket-integrated back protectors are useless anyway, they did a good thing.