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Shift Kicker Shoe

Discussion in 'Boots' started by JXD, Jul 24, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

    I recently purchased a pair of Shift Kicker shoes as I ride to uni daily.
    I didn't want to ride unprotected at the feet nor feel uncomfortable in boots all day.

    For the price ($179 from Motoheaven) I was very happy. Considering the average price for quality shoes these days, I feel the RRP of the Shift Kickers to be very reasonable.

    On the bike - Although it doesn't offer the best protection as $500 boots, the feel when riding is sensational, the strengthened rubber toes don't allow me to feel naked and get sore feet from shifting constantly (even after hours of riding) as I would with an ordinary shoe and the lightweight construction and low cuts keeps me comfortable and looking fine.

    The downside to the shoe is that it isn't waterproof to certain extents. I've ridden through rain with them on and I don't feel or notice the water getting in until I take them off (this could just be sweat however).

    Off the bike - walking in these shoes are like walking in any other shoe.. If you wear all your shoes properly that is.. If you're anything like me and never tie laces and wear shoes so they slip on and slip off it may take getting used to which happens real fast. I study in the city and walk all day between classes. I've never been irritated in these and being typically late for class, running in the Shift Kickers is comparable to running in black leather work boots so they're definetly a no go for gym (unless you only indulge in weights).

    Looks wise - I actually get more compliments than I thought I would; even from people who didn't realize they were for riding. They tend to go with most things I wear and depending on the draggins i wear for the day can look like bball shoes or skate shoes.

    I would recommend these to anyone who rides daily and does not have the space or time to change into a casual shoe after. They are comfortable and are easy to on/off. Also perfect for just running down to the shops.

    I would not recommend them for track use or long winter rides.

    I hope this helps in your decisions in a new casual riding shoe. Feel free to ask any questions :) This is my first review (ever) so go easy :p
  2. Nice review JXD, thanks for taking the time to write it up and share!
  3. I like this style alot
  4. very cool, if you must wear non biking boots then this is good alternative. I has a pair of BMW sneakers which I loved bu they may be a bit old man for uni!
  5. I just picked up a pair of these in black


    Very handy- means I can possibly wear them to work. Still wearing them in at the moment but they are very comfortable to wear around.

    On the bike they seem fantastic, but I'm going to have to adjust my gear lever, as it's a squeeze getting the boot inbetween the footpeg and lever to shift up.

    Very nice price too.
  6. I'm thinking about getting a pair of these. I have quite a wide foot though. How do they go size wise?
  7. They'd be good for wide feet.. i have narrow feet and I have to tighten it to get it to snug fit.

    I've now got 2 pairs =]
  8. Thanks for that JXD.
  9. awesome sounds perfect, thank JXD much appreciated.
    Love this place :)
  10. i grabbed a pair of these today, they're not the easiest to fit between the footpeg and gearshift, might look at adjusting some part of that.

    apart from that i like the shoes, and will probably get a pair in black to alternate.
  11. also joined the club with a pair of black n whites for $130- NZ bucks
    just gotta were them in like any other shoe then there sweet as.
    more confidence on the bike as i know these will have a harder time coming off compared to my general sneakers.
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