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Shift Kevlar Pants

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by western wolf, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. Went into causeway honda yesterday looking at buying a pair of draggin jeans and they recomended to me these.

    There great looking on and off the bike and have a wider cut then the standard draggins which i was looking for. Not to mention they only cost $150 compared to $200+ for a pair of draggins. This combined led to me walking out with the pair of shift jeans instead of the draggins. Hope i dont have to test out the level of protection they give any time soon (touch wood)

  2. Can you fit knee armour to them (you can with Draggins)?
  3. not sure bout that guess you would have to check with the company but it is not australian like draggins so you might be limited in getting them customised.
  4. i have a pair of them and so far they are pretty good.
    there is no place for knee armour like in the draggins. but the jeans feel like they are a heavier weight [too not sure by much]

    the strange bits are strechy fabric at the back and crotch area. this is good for moving around of the bike without the jeans moving too much. its seems to work fine but 1. not sure about that staying unripped in an off and 2. its lets a lot of air in - a lot of cold moring melbourne chill onto the crotch.
  5. my mate said there's a guy at pipeworks that sells draggins for 100-150.

    The shift ones do look good though, i also prefer the wider cuts
  6. Does anyone have any experience with hornee jeans?
    Theyre the best looking kevlar jeans ive come across but are they any good?
  7. I like the look of them, just look like my regular jeans but I've never tried them or know anyone who has so will keep my out for any reviews of them...
  8. re: hornee... im waiting for the bike show in october, hopefully they will have some on display that i can try/buy. cant get them from any melb distributor as far as i know (yet)

    ok just looked at their site, you can buy them from bairnsdale or sumoto :shock:
  9. Yeah, I want to get a pair of Hornee jeans myself, but it seems like the only store that stocks it in Vic are in Bairnsdale.
    Prolly have to wait until the bike expo before the dealers bring it along with them I guess.

    I do want a pair of Hornee's for jeans, and I plan to get the draggin' camo pants at the redwing Honda sale...
  10. I like the SHIFT stuff. I reckon they are good value for a 'brand name' product. The SR1 Leather suit is the goods for about $1200, I tried one on a couple of weeks ago, fit/felt good. Looked better than the $2000+ AS suit it was hanging with.
    The Hornee jeans look good, but $239 for jeans, that just hurts me to think about, but I guess you can't wear leather everywhere..................................................can you?