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Shift fuel street boots

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mr_roboto, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. Looks stylish !
    However, I'd be worried about the lack of shin protection. But that's just me.
  2. Look good!

    I've been trying to decide on some boots for ages now. Can't seem to make my mind up. Wearing flying boots at the moment, really should get some proper riding shoes ASAP.
  3. I've been riding with my new adidas sneakers and the bike shifter has been wearing away at the top part of the sneakers. WTF hey. Theyre brand new and theyre getting wrecked by riding...

    Need some riding boots asap.
  4. +1
    I don't see the solid protection ... maybe it's there :?
  5. i can't stand boots, so uncomfortable makes me not wanna ride

    i wear sturdy sneakers... its a calculated risk that i take

    i bought the bmw sneaker 2's and they look ok but even they were too uncomfortable
  6. How about combat/work boots? Like bikies wear? Makes you look like a hard ****.
  7. If you dont like the 'normal' bike boots that seem to be long enough to reach your knees :shock: Try these.................
    Falco Axis boots,
    Leather, water resistant, full zip to make is easy to put 'em on, take em off........excellent heel and ankle support/protection,.....and from personal experience,......they're bloody comfortable to walk & ride all day!!

    Cheers Rogues
  8. [​IMG]

    Im buying some of these.
  9. I'm buying these.


    Actually these are what I am buying after I get my new motocross boots. Chippeawa Engineer boots with steel toes, comfy but very safe. Looks good with Jeans etc.

  10. Full size race boots have plenty of ankle support to avoid breaking the sensitive bones there--- but are the most uncomfortable bastards ever.


    If i could find some comfortable boots, I'd wear them everyday, but unfortunately when i know i'll have a lot of walking to do i stick to sneakers.

    My question is, these little motorcycle-sneaker-boots... would they protect the ankle from breaking?
  11. i was told once "DO NOT wear steel caps when riding"
    reason being is say a truck cuts a corner short for example and drives over your toes, whats going to happen to your toes when the steel cap squashes down from the 20 odd tonne being applied to your toes..........
  12. i hear steel workers saying the same thing, if a metal beam or such falls on your foot.

    if the force is enough to crush steel your foot is literally mincemeat and youre going to lose it anyway.
  13. That's an urban myth, been getting around for years. In every motorcycle crash I know and probably everyone else has ever heard of I don't know of a steel girder or truck that's got close to anyones toes. It's just a saying "what if" Steel caps will be more protective in any non-madeup scenario. Yeh sure the truck may hit you and whatever, but I bet your toes will be fine and not touched.

    Here's one for real that happened to me;
    Riding through Reefton on the TL1000 with the wife on the back. We're going around a right hander and some a-hole with a trailer full of dirt bikes comes flying around the previous corner to him, cutting the corner of course, and straight into us. His trailer took out the side of my bike, radiator, fairing etc, and sliced straight through my right footpeg. The steelcap on my boot deflected the guard from his trailer and avoided getting my foot sliced in half. That's the advantage of steel caps, far outweighs not having them. His guard sliced through the leather and onto the steel cap, steel cap bent the guard out.

    Managed to keep the bike upright and pulled up in the dirt shoulder. Lucky the guy pulled up and I got his details.

    Would rather have my toes crushed with a little protection than crushed with no protection at all. Whats the steel cap going to avoid? A 20 ton truck falling on it the steel cap is gonna protect what? So you're going to have your feet dragging on the ground when the truck cuts the corner?
    I really can't think of a good real world example that's really going to happen in support of not wearing steel caps.
  14. Mythbusters busted the whole steel caps myth.

    Basically, if it was bad enough to cause the steel cap to cause damage to your toes, they would have been turned to pulp without them.

    So they are good.