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"Shift" brand close out sale

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by lui, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. Apparently there was some lawsuit going on in Europe and Fox racing needed to wrap up the Shift brand, should see some decent discounts locally and overseas.

  2. Oh that sucks! If only I had some spare cash I would purchase on of those Shift Vertex leather jackets. :(
  3. Fark I paid like 250% of the price on those redline leather pants a few years back.

    Highly recommend getting a set, they are super comfortable.
  4. i'm going crazy trying to choose a jacket! already got some shift gloves in the online trolley :D
  5. Wow! Looks like great value. Better get a few things to make the shipping costs worthwhile....
  6. they do ship overseas, and i've dealt with them before. they're excellent :)
  7. i have just purchased a winter jacket and some lightweight but warmer (for cooler days but not middle of winter) gloves from them :)
  8. shipping cost is actually very reasonable. especially when you can pay that much for something same size or smaller to be shipped in aus!
  9. what the **** are those prices? Just when I stopped impulse buying stuff :(

    oh man want these THAT bad
  10. yep have bought stuff from there before, shipping was cheap, great guys, can chat to them online ask questions, if you time it to their working hours, usually a.m. here, their chat window pops up.

    but it's not only that website, many others are flogging of the shift gear, all the major US ones getting heavy traffic. the leather stuff and kevlar pants is what i'd be browsing if i had the coins, great savings

    and our dollar rocks haha
  11. I could do with another jacket.. that site has the jacket I want but its sold out - anyone know other sites that sell shift?
  12. ridersdiscount.com $25 flat rate shipping.

    How's the fit of Shift gears? Interested in some leather pants.
  13. 1st page mate, they are the most comfortable pants Ive tried (I own a 2 piece redline set).
  14. notice that bit > $1,200 (?) Check for latest price