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Shift Air Avenger

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by rob_, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. I just recently bought a Shift Air Avenger jacket. Here is a quick spiel:

    Was looking for a summer mesh type jacket. I'd tried on a fair few, such as the Joe Rocket ones etc, but none really felt right. I had tried on a Shift Avenger SS, which has the same build as an Air Avenger, just its waterproof, and it fitted perfect, so I was tempted to order one, but resisted. Then randomly a few weeks later I managed to find an Air Avenger in my exact size in the right colour. Brill! Bought it. After owning it for a few days, heres what i can say about it...

    Venting: Generally very good. the main body is of a tighter mesh, while there is some more 'open' mesh parts in areas unlikely to suffer massive abrasion in a fall. So perhaps the airflow isnt as much as some, but its certainly enough, and i think much safer. The vents on the shoulders also seem to work well.
    Quality: Seems top notch. Good stitching, good materials.
    Liner: Windproof, and I guess to a degree waterproof. Really does block the wind though. Rode home in the cold on Wednesday night with just a thin jumper underneath, was no problem.
    Protection: CE armor in elbows and shoulders. Some back padding. I dont feel as safe as i do in my leather jacket, but that comes more from the material than the armor. as a casual summer ride jacket, more than adequate.
    Problems/issues: Waaaaay too many buttons required to be snapped in to install liner. Drives you nuts putting it in. Armor susceptible to moving when putting jacket on, so requires some adjustment once you've put it on.

    Overall, i couldnt be happier. Velcro straps at the bottom for tightening are good, overall fit is great, i think it looks awesome, and at ~$300, very good value too. If i think of anything else about the jacket, i'll make sure to add it in here!
  2. Looks Great Rob !