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She's new, she's naked and she's italian......

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by dcsrhat, May 18, 2008.

  1. So I got my new ride this week. After my off a few weeks ago which saw me write off my 3 week year old CBR600RR, I did a bit of soul searching and decided to go back to my naked roots. Test rode the Triumph Speed Triple, it's an absolute pocket rocket, if it wasn't for my size, 6 feet & 100Kgs, I may have really considered it but it was too small for my liking. Then test rode the Aprilia Shiver and I was sold. For an italian this bike is awesome, the seating position feels more natural for me, it's got a bit of get up and go and the ride by wire is sooo smooth, not to mention that I think she looks spectacular. So, here is some obligatory pics:




    Sorry to those folks that came to this thread expecting a story about naked italian ladies. If it's any consolation my gf is part italian but I don't think she'd appreciate me posting her pic!

    See you folks on the road and hopefully will be keeping my rubber side down!!

  2. Good onya, I hear they're quite a jolly ride. What do they cost?
  3. Shiver me timbers <groan> a nice bike, by all reports :).
  4. Brand new model?? Only realeased late last year??

    Congrats, love the Vtwins :cool:
  5. is that the auto-bike?

    i.e no clutch lever ?

    The Shiver is meant to be a nice motard.
    I have heard some models scored a dud-machined piston or something that resulted in a roadside 'shit-itself' scenario... I have also heard it benefits GREATLY from an ECU remap to improve the smoothness of the power delivery, particularly at lower revs [like out of corners].

    Do your homework!

    Nice bike!
  7. Thanks folks.

    Hey Loz, yep each rider just gets better and better. They're 14990 + ORC but some dealers offering $1000 off, just make sure it's not the earlier model. I got the 2008 model and managed to get some gear thrown in as well.

    Toecutter, yeah it's a new release, got the 2008, some minor glitches reported by Aprilia have been good on after market support so I hear.

    To jd2710, no it's a 6-speed manual but it does have ride-by-wire, ie throttle cables to a ECU rather than carburettor slides. Allows different programming modes/performance from the bike. Right now it has three switchable settings, Sport, Touring and Rain.
  8. You heard right ktulu. The new mapping should be installed by the dealers and of course its under the Aprilia warranty. Makes the bike feel like a totally new machine.
  9. Nice choice Dean.

    Good to see your insurance paid out relatively quickly. Did you end up getting the Shiver from Sunstate?

    Hopefully see you out on a ride soon, that way I can druel all over your new shiny toy!
  10. Are you confusing it with the Dursoduro?
  11. 'Spinal Tap' flashback, anyone? Either that or you're one dense lil dude (meant in the nicest way possible).

    Teasing aside, congrats on the luurvely new bike.
  12. Thanks Faramir, I reviewed that thread pre-bike purchase and got some useful ideas. In fact, Makkas advice on that thread and the Shiver discussion room at this forum http://www.apriliaforum.com/forums has seen me buy some good after-market accessories already (all from OS though so still waiting on delivery).

    Well picked up Bravus, of course I meant 6' (ie 6 feet), maybe I should have stuck with our metrical system.....I'm 183 cm and 100kgs. ;-)
  13. great looking bike...................pics at Palmy are noice.

    Are you a northern beaches rider like myself?????
  14. Now that is teh way to itroduce the new girl.
    non of this crappy shots in the backyard on a phone camera next to the lawnmower stuff, but some nice sunset pics down the beach.

    Very nice.
  15. very nice... that's a sexy naked...

    the 1200 set for release in the next few months is going to be a monster..