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she's in hospital..

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by Nel, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. i have been lucky over the years with my bikes, mechanically.
    the only times i have had a bike in to have professional work performed, it was always only a couple of hours of labour or less. ..stuff i have not done before or the boys were not available to help.
    i always do the standard sevices and upkeep, and attempt to do all repairs where i can.
    this time, i replaced an oil seal (sprocket/counter shaft seal) and i was not totally successful. it still leaked after a big long ride...tho no leak if i rode it to work or to town ..same as before.
    anyhow..i took my baby to the pro's for a proper oil seal change... and it came back worse..dropping oil like never before. :(
    now she has to stay in the hospital till next monday, till the new seal arrives...
    crickey!! she might not be home till tuesday!!!
    i dont know how i will manage the weekend without her...

    they will take good care of her..wont they..???
  2. Nel, a weekend without a bike is something no man should have to suffer. This is why I advocate having more than one bike.

    I'm sure they will take good care of your baby, if not - you know where they live (work).
  3. Nel, it depends on which Hospital; you probably already know that the clinics down here vary greatly in quality. Some will send her home with bolts not tightened up properly, so stuff falls off without you noticing it. Some will send her home with greasy stuff all over the hand-grips, and some will not tell you what they've actually done, and just give you a general bill and expect you to trust them.

    Others, on the other hand, will not only fix what's wrong with her, but check out anything else that needs doing, fix, or at least notify you, AND give her a wash and spruce-up as well.
  4. oh shoit..!!! jeez.. this is a 'greasy grips and dont give any feedback' shop..

    i have heard some good stories about a mechanic who has recently opened a workshop in the area..no retail shop..just a workshop. i will keep him in mind if i need to take it further..

    would you PM me the name of such a clinic around these parts, that takes such good care?

  5. yeah, great..
    called em today to see how she is, and to check if the parts arrived as they said they would...
    nope..now its wednesday the bits arrive and 'we'll call you if its done on wed'...

    yeah..wot ever... :roll:
  6. No PM, let's put it out ther in public.

    I had my rear shock, carbies and some repairs to my engine protection bars done by Dallas at K&D Motorcycles, (Kirsty and Dallas). They are at the top of the Yallah Hill on the east side, between the old Wreckers and the Ford dealership.


    I can't recommend them highly enough.

    The pecking order in Wollongong is Steve Schweigler (Maxpower) first, and, in my book, K&D second, but much more accessible for us south-siders. The rest for one reason or another will not be getting too much of the Hornet's shekels.....
  7. thanks Hornet600.
    bike is home and healthy now.
    but wont go back.

    the folks at Yallah will get my business when its needed now.