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She's here! Z750

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by NOT4US, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. Talk about quick decision making...
    Just a week ago I took a Z750 for a test ride (thanks to Flywheels Motorcycles) and yesterday got my very own balk Z750 2010!
    Here are some pics of the new "baby".
    Dunno what I'm doing here posting this on such a beautiful Saturday, gonna take her for a ride with my wife now!
    Isn't she beautiful??
    (Can't post images yet but here are the links:

  2. I like it, and it's certainly one of the bikes I'll be looking at once I'm off restrictions.
    But please, at least get rid of the reflector, even if you don't do the full tail tidy.
  3. Congrats!!! My bike has a twin :D! I just picked one myself this last monday, exact same colour, but from Bikebiz in Parramatta.

    Flywheels was closer to home, but they couldn't price match, so Bikebiz got my business.

    Anyways, lovely bike!!! Hope you enjoy many many kms on her!
  4. Thanks for that.
    Funny you mention that, I was in the exact same position (Flywheels local, BikeBiz cheaper). In the end Flywheels matched BikeBiz's price and I must say I'm really happy with their service and attention so far.

    shhh, the tail tidy is coming, I'm just looking at different options as I don't want something too extreme but obviously something that looks better than that piece of plastic. ADR regualtions are stupidly strict with this thing, wish the changed them...
  5. Ooooh nice :D

    Definitely a tail tidy if you can :) I love the pipe - is that stock?
  6. Yep, all stock at the moment.
    The stock pipe looks and sounds good and I don't think I'll be changing that anytime soon as modern bikes have their pipes really well tuned and aftermarket ones don't improve things that much unless you really play around with the electronics.
    The tail tidy will be the first mod but as I said, only once I find one that at least "looks" legal.
  7. Congratulations, they're a great bike (I've got one), but I'm gonna have to take issue with ...

    I wouldn't have too much praise for the 'tuning' on what is, essentially, a budget bike. I found the stock exhaust note was pretty uninspiring at a standstill (kinda like a hairdryer set to 'high') and it faded to nothing once I was moving. The pipe is also ridiculously heavy on a bike that desperately needs to lose weight.

    Still, though, it's a great bike. Feels like it'll do a million kilometres so long as you keep the oil fresh, chain lubed and the sticky bits on the ground. Good luck finding a tail-tidy that both looks both good and legit.
  8. I don't mind the sound too much (could be better though) but I agree on the weight. As you said, it's a "budget" bike after all.

    As it is I'm happy with the stock pipe and would only change if I had plenty of cash laying around. Right now all my spare cash is going to new gear: jackets, boots and pants.

    I'll let you all know how I go with the tail tidy.