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She's back.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Fixed, Feb 11, 2006.

  1. I'm complete again.

    I picked her up yesterday from Geoff Taylor. She's 90% finished; they are waiting on decals and a new switch block (2 weeks wait on back order) but called yesterday and said I could pick her up now. I bring her back to get the bits and pieces finished that are still outstanding when they come in.

    The work is top-notch and apart from the switch block she's pretty much flawless. The hero-knob on my left foot peg is missing which I'll call them about tomorrow, the headlights need an adjustment, and the toolkit and a few bits and pieces are missing from the boot. Having said that I'm pretty confident they will still have them in the shop and I'll collect them when I take her back in a fortnight. They even replaced my tank protector.

    She rides better than she did brand new to be honest: the new slip on not only sounds the shit, but she has a little more go at the top of the rev range. The gear box feels smoother, the plugs have been replaced, and the response from the lights feels faster too. They’ve done a really nice job and I’d recommend them to anyone else looking to get repairs done.

    Now it's time to browse the rides organised for tomorrow. A sedate one, I don’t need a repeat of last time.
  2. Congrats! Now take it easy! :p
    It looks kinda quirky without the stickers on it!
  3. Looks good without the stickers, you should leave them off. Hope you're back on the roads again soon, try not to crash again :p.
  4. congratulations :) see you at a geek night (on the bike :p) soon!
  5. oh look it's FIXED :)
  6. I kinda like it without the stickers to be honest, and yes I'll be at the next geek night as long as it doesn't conflict with the halls gap run or work.

    Cheers all :grin:
  7. OOO wonderful

    You have filled me with hope that the Hornet will return home all shiny fixed, and soon, please!?



    I have been sent a netrider rose for valentines day!
  8. The straight black looks Good

    a lil like

    Mad Max ish to me :biker:
    although i have always worried about a black bike at night

    If i have to buy a black bike i will get some glow in the dark paint \:D/
  9. Good news!! Keep it shiny side up this time :wink:

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  10. I agree looks great without the stickers - looks really stealthy!
  11. Hoy?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Okay, well ultra stealthier then.
  13. Ok now i'm confused?
  14. Looks nice mate, id prolly leave the sticker decals off too...
  15. Ha, Call that stealthy. THis is stealthy. Behold stealth Kat in its radar absorbent hi tech low visibility paint (Currently under trial by the Army and soon to be the color of choice for all military gear)


    It may be hard to make out stealth Kat. The two people in the picture are sitting on her.

    Riding something so stealthy is a challenge few are up too. Even parked in her underground car park with lights shining on her and with white brick walls on 2 sides stealth Kat has been backed over and tripped over. WHen parked on footpaths some poor bugger invariably trips over her. And on the road... well you can guess.

    Stealthy Ha :) Blacks not stealthy. THats old fashioned thinking that is :)
  16. *puzzled* There's no bike in that photo, what the damn hell are you talking about?
  17. So what did you do to it in the first place to require repairs?
  18. Yeah I get a lot of that <sigh>

    "What do you mean I backed over your bike? WHat damm bike"

    I hate to think of the cost to the army.. people walking in front of stealth Tanks and stuff :(

    Try looking at the pic with UV light. Failing that drink scotch.
  19. Whoopys! Those rush-of-blood moments are bastards aren't they? :LOL: