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She's arrived, finally!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Marc, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. In my garage, she's sitting pretty :grin:

    It's been probably the longest time known to mankind for a nOOb to get a Learner's licence and even longer to get a bike.

    Well, the wait is over and my new girl in red is finally here :wink:


    P.S. Thanks to all advising a nOOb to get a VTR250...took a while to find one I liked :p
  2. Congrats on the bike, I got mine a few weeks back. They are heaps of fun and really easy to ride. An aftermarket exhaust is a must, makes them sound grunty (well for a 250 lol)
  3. Congrats you picked a great bike.
  4. Cheers, guys :grin:

    Busy reading the Owner's manual... :roll:
  5. I have a copy of the service manual that I can give you the link to if your interested!
  6. That'd be great! Thanks mate!
  7. Here you go!
    Honda VTR250 Service Manual

    For those that are not familiar with free hosting services here are the instructions to download:
    Click on the above link
    Click on the Free button
    Wait 1.5 minutes
    Enter the letters or numbers that are attatched to a cat (you have to look closely, and you have to put in 4 letters or numbers)
    Click download
  8. welcome to motorcycling
  9. Congrats Marc ! \:D/
    Be Careful now ... those redhead gals can be quite fiery. :wink:
  10. Congrats. N00bs should be putting funds into lessons/gear first :?
  11. :grin: Good looking bike, now stop reading this and go ride it :wink:
  12. Very nice indeed – what year was she manufactured and how many Ks on the clock?

  13. good choice, will be a hoot in the twisties :wink:
  14. I think Drew still holds that record, and by a fairly large margin too ;).

    Congrats on finding a bike, I'm sure you'll be very happy with the VTR :).
  15. another red vtr owner, good choice the red ones are at least 8 times faster than any other colour :p they are a good learners bike very easy to handle and very forgiving if you drop it (previous owner dropped mine in gravel and it only has a small scratch on the muffler).
  16. What, only 8 times? Damn, I've been lied to :evil:

    I'll have to take her around the block, when it is not wet and slippery :? ...and join local learners for group practices...
  17. Approx. 4500km and it is 2007...7 months old to be precise :grin:
  18. Good on ya Marc!!......fantastic choice, you wont be disappointed.

    And like jp86 said, get an exhaust, the sound is beauuuutiful :cool:
  19. Nice man..I got the same but in black :grin:

    ps thanks for the link to the service manual jp86 :)
  20. Not that I plan to, but should this wait till I drop it on that side? :-k :p