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Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Ljiljan, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. Short Version: Is Awesome. Watch it.

    Slightly Longer Version: Way better than anything some over the hill coke snorter can manage (disregarding the whole scenes of Holmes in the opiate dens and his regular needle of cocaine), it's actually the character of Sherlock from the books. Is Awesome. Watch it.
  2. I've downloaded and watched the 1st ep. Was a bit sceptical when I read the precis - It's set in the present day, but I'd heard good things about it.

    It is very good.

    I reckon the ultimate Sherlock Holmes would have to be Jeremy Brett though.
  3. I think he's talking about the movie not the new mini series..
  4. I assumed he was talking about the movie too, which I just saw, and which was awesome, and quite true to the books as well plus explosions
  5. Like "The Man From Snowy River" it's a background you can't just ignore. It has to sit within the existing legend.
  6. I liked the short version of 'snowy'

    It goes something like this.

    There was movement at the station cos the word had got around,
    the colt from old Regret had passed away.
  7. Robert Downey Jr is the over-the-hill coke snorter I was talking about. Topic was also started before the movie was out.

    As much as I usually enjoy Guy Ritchie films, the first SH was just a let down. I found myself waiting for the joke to end and the real Holmes to appear. Sadly, they reduced him to some sort of super calculating action hero. I'll be doing my utmost to ignore the existence of the first and wipe it from my memory and I'm glad they aren't making a sequel.

    I'm talking about the TV show. They really haven't ignored the background at all. It's right at the top of my watch first list.
  8. TV show is fanatastic, quirky, and well written.

    Season 1 was very good, season 2, first episode aired in on new years. available through all the usual sources no doubt.

    Not quite up there with Games of Throne, but one of the better shows of 2011. Season 2 was delayed because the characters were filming the hobbit i think.

    anyways, Season 2 is here. Shame the season is so short though.
  9. My mistake Lilley.
    friends have 'access' to pre release versions so theyve been talking about the film.
    and yes the mini series are very good.