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VIC Sheriff Road Block Queen St Altona, 16/9/11

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Funkmonkey, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. Sherriffs and Police doing roadworthies i guess queen st altona at apex park guys.

  2. Please use the correct forums, police blitzes don't fit into this category.

    Tapatalking from somewhere, maybe even behind you so look out!!!
  3. Re: Queen St Altona

    Didnt know there was one sorry. It was just a quick post. I wont bother next time.
  4. Re: Queen St Altona

    Please do.

    Smee likes things posted in the correct forum ;)
  5. Re: Queen St Altona

    How about educating the poor Funkymonkey, rather than shutting him down (*better now put on my flame suit*)
  6. Re: Queen St Altona

    Thanks for the heads up, that's my neck of the woods. Did you notice an Automatic number place recognition van??

    Edit: Which forum is the more suitable forum??? *shrug* Road hazards is as good as the other options IMO.
  7. Re: Queen St Altona

  8. Re: Queen St Altona

    For the second time.

    Settle in, get the lay of the land and things will go a lot smoother.
    I admire your passion and enthusiasm. Don't let it go to waste.
  9. Re: Queen St Altona

    Rob read the sticky for this forum

    https://netrider.net.au/forums/showpost.php?p=1340949&postcount=1 especially the last section
    General motorcycle discussion or politics and the LAW would be a better area

    Funky monkey don't take it personally, sookiness is something that will get you flamed, just understand hpw the forums work, we are all adults here not children and look down on "woe is me" shit.
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  10. Re: Sheriff Road Block Queen St Altona, 16/9/11

    Not taking it personally at all :) As i said it was a quick post of what i was under the clearly mistaken opinion was a road condition (Blocked by police) of a hazard (Riders with potentially extra-legal mods/non AS helmets etc having their bikes taken off them) with a racing pipe i specifically had to have baffled when it was in the store due to concerns the EPA/overzealous policing might get me pinged it would potentially affect me.
    Now as have been told i posted in the wrong place, but digging through years of threads to find an area which people may or may not read because its deep down somewhere is not a quick post. As i said i just wont bother next time :D
    If you feel i am sooking, fair enough we are all entitled to our own opinions, but i would just suggest taking it for what it was. Im not here to start trouble or cause arguments with anyone.

    Happy riding peeps.
  11. Re: Sheriff Road Block Queen St Altona, 16/9/11

    fark me its a riders forum not a knitting club. post where I can see it.
  12. Re: Sheriff Road Block Queen St Altona, 16/9/11

    That's called having a sook mate. For the love of all that is Holy don't do it. Cop it on the chin and move on.

    p.s. We're taking it easy on you because it's the beginning of noob season. Hang around and wait until you see the end of it :blackeye:
  13. Re: Sheriff Road Block Queen St Altona, 16/9/11

    I first read that as "kitten club" and was about to disagree with you. Carry on.
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  14. Re: Sheriff Road Block Queen St Altona, 16/9/11

    How hard is it to read a STICKY?????????
  15. Re: Sheriff Road Block Queen St Altona, 16/9/11

    But which Sticky?

    You actually think people are going to - or want to - take the time to read a Sticky?

    This is the Internet - people cruise in, they can't see and then they make a wild arse guess where they should put it, and then the Mods - who are knowledgeable come and kick their behinds until they are red....

    Smee - I get your point. But, you have the power to move the thread to its rightful place. So why didn't you choose that option first?

    BTW - I feel it does belong here - it is a political type of thing, or it does have a political slant IMHO. But, I'm not a MOD...
  16. The ones in the section mate, it's not rocket science.
    The post was originally in the hazardous roads section jdk please try and keep up.:)
  17. where's the no thanks button....a few people here could use one....

    thanks for the heads up....I'm down your way atm...