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Shepparton lack of dealerships...

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Chris J, Oct 21, 2015.

  1. Hi guys,

    Can anyone chime in and confirm if we are likely to see a Yamaha/Suzuki/ Kawasaki dealership in shepparton anytime soon?

    For what ever bad business decisions the last business closed its doors months ago.

    We only have a Honda and triumph dealership, cheers.
  2. Road trip!
  3. Luckily you are only a couple of hours from some of the best bike shops in the country then, hey.

    This is a sign of the times with so many people buying stuff off the internet. It must be hard going for actual shop front businesses, especially in rural areas with limited customers.
  4. Cheers guys, your right Melbourne and Bendigo aren't out of the picture. Just heard some rumors/speculation that something was in the mix locally. Thanks again.
  5. Rightline in Kyabram is a Suzuki agent.

    Has Shepparton Kawasaki disappeared?
  6. Yeah, we have two dealerships in town only now. AJ's who are KTM, Triumph and Hyosung, have a fair range of used bikes and spares, and Halsell Honda. Not much choice here in town sadly.

    Its like the music shops, we had 4, people bought out of town, now we have one. There is something to buying locally, but sadly you don't know what you got till its gone.
  7. It's been my experience that most people say they want to buy locally (and I'm sure that's what they would like to do) but when the $ come into play then unless it's urgent or the difference in price is small that most people will buy from wherever is cheap and quick (which is normally shops selling via the internet).

    It's hard for a country town dealer to survive when people will buy a bike from Melbourne and a helmet from Sydney and a Jacket from the United States.
  8. Yes, totally agree. Sad but true.
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    Re: Shepparton

    The guy at Suzuki wasn't doing so well, the fellow selling Kawas got real ambitious and took it on, and bought the Yamaha off Roy Hill as well and set up big with Kawa, Yammy, and Suzi all on the same premises. Was too big and ambitious, and the business was not really up to servicing his overheads, and the business went down. I can't say as I was sorry to see him go. I got the impression he was trying to do a bit of a "Harvey Norman" - his parts service was awful, but he had a lot of new stock on the floor.

    I am annoyed now, as Riteline is another half hour away for me. It has a good reputation, though I have had no personal dealings with them yet. This will involve considerable inconvenience to me where I might need to transport the bike, rather than just ride it and possibly make two trips to get any time consuming work done.

    It's a bit of a shame that a Town the size of Shepparton has so little in the way of support for motorcyclists, though AJays (Triumph, Can Am, KTM) and Halsall Honda are still great. I don't know what Harley riders do (Albury, Wagga, Bendigo?)

    A motorcycle mechanic in another town put it this way "If you want a million dollars, you can put 2 million into a motorcycle shop, run it for a couple of years, sell up and if you are a little lucky, you will have your million dollars."

    Support your local dealer by trying on the helmet/jacket boots etc. then buying it there. You know it will fit. To me, that's worth paying a little more. Local dealers who see you regularly are also more inclined to look after you in so many ways.
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  10. @jstave there is phils garage in Albury for Harley sales and service.
    I bought both my current bikes locally. Kinda regretting buying my latest locally as the experience hasn't been that good. I had a good relationship with the dealer in Melb and will prob now go back but he will be disappointed I didn't buy my bike there. But if you don't buy locally then as can be seen in Shep biz will close.