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Shepp area members

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by countrycruiser V6, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. G'day all, just wondering how many of us from near shepparton are on this forum. Would love to arrange a coffee meet but wondering if I'll be drinking alone????? Or we could hook up and go for a cruise somewhere.

  2. Hey mate, im originally from shepp/dookie.
    Ill be coming down that way to have a ride with the old man in the next few weeks, if your interested we could meet up in shepp and figure out somewhere fun to go for a cruise?

    Ill PM you when i get my sh!t together and find a weekend i can actually get away from work and come up to shepp.

  3. I live in Seymour but have been known to travel

    southbank coffee nights every friday :wink: :wink: :wink:

    send me pm when and where for a brew :grin: :grin:
  4. sounds great guy's. I was begining to think I was alone up here.
  5. I'm in Echuca/Bendigo (work both areas), and would love to go for a ride, but bikes are all up for sale at the moment and don't want to put 1000's more kays on the roadbike.
  6. I'm in Wangaratta and would love to come for a ride. Let me know when and where and i'll run it past the minister for war and finance. :wink:
  7. We are 80 klm from Euroa and love the ride :grin:
    mabe head on over this way ?
    Great ride the Euroa - Merton road

    Hey you Guys up there
    Watch the local WIN TV
    there was an Advert on tonight
    for bike shop in Shepp
    there is a
    massive sale at the bike shops this friday and saturday :wink:
    saw the tail end of it looks a good sale
    aslo some sort of bike show ? gathering
    must get back to Tv to try and see the Ad again
  8. Yea its in todays paper. All bike shops in shepp are having huge clearout sale on friday and sat, yamaha, slingshot suzuki, AJ's kwaka, honda, and even harley D.
    Then on sat evening there is a gathering of the local bike clubs,(goulburn valley junior motorcycle club, Ulyses, harley owners group and the goulburn valley motorcyle club will all be there to inform everyone about there clubs. All welcome to this alcohol free event for l;overs of all things motorcycling. big screen motorbike movies, BBQ, prize showcase the works.
    All at the shepp showgrounds 3pm - 7pm saturday arvo. event is first of it's kind to the area, supported by all local bike shops.
    I am hoping to get there wether by myself on my bike or with my family.
  9. Shepp Girl here

    so this is where all my locals are hiding.. hello!! Finally, was starting to think i was the only one here!! granted i havent got my bike yet so cant go for a ride yet but hopefully down the track, would love to be involved and get my practice.. would you be fussed with a L plater tagging along???