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shemagh vs wind chill

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by vintec, Apr 27, 2010.

  1. how effective is shemagh as an alternate option to a scarf? due to my not-so-properly-fitted leather jacket, wind enters from the collar and freezes my chest.

    unless i'm able to grow my chest hair like zangief, i'd have to find a way to beat the wind chill.

    the main reason in considering a shemagh is less bulky compared to a scarf: tucks in the jacket easily and no loose ends to worry about.

    they work for military personnels in extreme conditions (both cold and hot) but not sure if that benefit can be applied on road ridding
  2. in gayness they are about equal.

    dude htfu. wear a jumper and a neck warmer, none of that fancy boy stuff and yes even the people in the army who wear them get called wooly woofters
  3. Use a neckwarmer.
  4. It's only a glorified tablecloth after all. At least with a fleece neckwarmer you don't risk being strangled by a loose end getting caught, like that poor woman on the kart.
  5. One word: Neckerchief.
  6. WTF is a smemagh? It sounds really, really farking gay
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  8. Ibast a shemagh is a traditional arab tea towel style headscarf.

    Neckwarmer is probably best. Most of those fashion shemaghs seem to be made out of crepe paper. That, and I think they look gay.
  9. htfu and neckwarmer is contradicting, isn't it slick? :D anyway, i'll stick to your htfu advice for the time being since it's not that cold (yet?) in brissy; just getting ready for the rainy days...i mean chilly days

    and looks like neckwarmer is the way to go when the time comes
  10. first off, brissy? damn yeah stick with the can of htfu.

    neck warmers are soft. but not gay cause they are invisible when you are riding.

    i wear a balaclava when it gets proper cold. which is the opposite of soft. Because anytime is bank job time if i feel like it.

    wearing a tablecloth or a scarf means any time is blow job time in the mens toilet.

    and yes grow some chest hair while you are growing that ball hair
  11. BBBWWAAAHHAHAHAA ... Glory hole time! 8-[

    I just have the hair! :D A couple of mates swear by their balaclava's too.
  12. British army call them shemagh and have worn them since the Palestinian campaigns in WWI. Everyone in the arab world calls them kefiyah and wear em on their heads.
    Bikers in the UK took the idea from soldiers in the 60s and started wearing them. Became an essential fashion accessory for the hardcore ton-up boys at the Ace cafe. It's all a bit retro now, but that's a proud history - wear with pride.
    (Even if a check tablecloth does exactly the same thing.)
  13. sound like gay pride history to me.