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Shell V Power

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Eddo, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. Gidday

    Anyone see the article on fuel in the latest issue of Australian Road Rider? I dont have the article with me now but basicaly it stated that there have been some reports this fuel can leave a yellow sludge in the bottom of bike fuel tanks and has also been reported as reacting or detiorating with some fuel injection parts. No other issues with 98 octane fuel have been reported with non shell suppliers. I always thought that most refining was done at only one or 2 manufacturers Caltex being one of them so why isnt this problem being reported with other brands? Also one would wonder my this hasnt been a problem with cars?
  2. Ah crap, just filled up with this last night. Has anyone else seen this?
  3. You are correct. Most states have only two refinerys. A caltex/mobil/ampol partnership and a shell/bp partnership.

    So the Shell fuel is different from the Caltex fuel.

    Despite this I would only assume the ulp within the partnerships are identical. Once they start blending they have the ability to blend differently for each brand and grade.

    So v-power will be different from BP premium.

    Onto V-power, Shell have long been bagged for their premium fuels. Very few bike riders would use Optimax in their cabied bikes.
  4. Yeah I read that article too and was surprised to read that the plastics or fibreglass(?) that the fuel can come into contact with can produce this yellow sludge - suppose its just best to keep away from that particular brand if possible.

    Another thing that it went on to mention was that the refineries in your state produce the petrol you use regardless of who owns them EG if the BP refinerery is in your state they will produce the caltex fuel to their specifications. I imagine many here might already know this but I never thought of it and assumed most fuels would be pretty much identical and all this talk of better performance from one brand to another was just marketing talk.

    I use the same servo all the time and for the life of me cant recall what brand it is. I'll be putting much more thought into my brand of fuel in the future.
  5. Suzuki told me only to use premium fuel from mobil, caltex, or bp... nothing else.
    this is for a late model suzuki motorcycle.
  6. dam. I seem to get more k's out of v-power than bp
  7. Caltex or Mobil for me..Shell if there is nothing else.,wont touch independents.
  8. i dont trust the independants either.

    I prefer bp ultimate

    Ive heard horror stories regarding v power (on car forums)
  9. When I bought my bikes, my Suzuki dealer told me NOT to use Shell.
  10. There's nothing wrong with V-Power. I remember a thread on a car forum where one of guys who actually works in the fuel industry explained the difference. See below.

    I ran my 500hp Commodore on Optimax/V-Power for 5 years with no issues. It's all just a furphy. The dealers telling you not to run Shell aren't helping, what the hell would they know about it? It's just some dude sprouting off without any facts that's spreading the rumour.

    "I'm gonna give you a tip regarding the other BP fuels and that is they are ALL shared by the majors. It just depends on which state your in. I work in the fuel industry and can tell you all the fuel is shared between each other. In Sydney the diesel is either Shell or Caltex regardless of where you buy it from. The ulp is the same again mostly all shared except for the imported ulp distributed to Shell ,Mobil and some independents when needed.

    In Brisbane it's either Caltex or BP Fuel, Melbourne it's Mobil or Shell, WA it's BP.

    The performance fuels are generally kept seperate the 95 and boost 98 fuels can be anyones base 95 with ethanol or other adder adder that can change on a monthly basis. Mobil and BP were sharing the base 98 and adding there respective addatives from Botany for 98 and now they get there 98 from Vopac which is used for storage in Sydney and which could come from anywhere.

    The best tip I can give for fuel is to purchase from a big 4 retailer at a big busy site. This will ensure your fuel is dirt free and hasn't been in the grind for long where it will accumulate water. I use Caltex 98 but only because it's convenient for me and will put any brand 98 fuel in my car if it needs it and can't tell the difference from one brand to the next.

    Your BP 95 is the same as your Shell 95 just like all the Ulp ,E10, and diesel it's shell fuel. The BP tankers load out of Shell in Sydney but will sometimes load out of Mobil using Caltex fuel. I have been watching Linfox's Mobil B Doubles loading out of Shell for the past few weeks now and am trying to work out what they are loading. It can only be E10 or 98 petrol going by the DG placarding for Mobil sites.

    It never ceases to amaze me that you can tell someone that it comes from the same place and out of the same tank but they swear there is a difference. The marketers have done a good job earning brand loyalty."
  11. good thing I mostly use caltex. Arent the woolies petrols all caltex aswell?
  12. Sweeties this little Biscuit will not seek to denigrate any prior posts.

    Darlings, I do not use V-Power, nor do I use any fuel with ethanol.

    Dearhearts do not get me started on the RON debate, other than to establish that an "octane rating" isn't the amount of octane in the fuel.
    Sugarplums it is simply a measurement of how much compression it can take before it detonates ("pings") prematurely.
  13. This man speaks sense, even if it's a little "flowery" for my tastes! lol :)
  14. I'd be pretty sceptical of anyone online claiming that sort of stuff without verification... Its amazing how many people online claim to work in any industry if it is their pet topic...

    I'm not saying it isn't true - I would be extremely surprised if it was though.

    BP have refineries in Aus, hence the claim that they use other suppliers' fuel is quite a claim. If they did this, the damage to their brand they would be risking is not insignificant...
  15. Congratulations you've both been successfully brainwashed by the oil industry giants.

    You do not have the right to whinge about the price of petrol. You do not have the right to complain when you can find a service station and you do not have the right to complain that there are no mechanics attached to service station anymore.
  16. Slightly off topic but a side road at least..
    We used Caltex LPG in the car for several years, I had to strip and clean the converter every 6 months or so to get rid of the tar build up.
    Changed cars and our mechanic said to Not use caltex LPG..
    We've been using mostly apco and Mobil for the last couple of years and I havent had to touch the converter.
    Diffeent additives in diferent fuel blends..
  17. With LPG it would be a case of the method they use to scrub the gas. Caltex obviously use a process that leaves a slight residue. Maybe a bit a propane finds it way in.

    We used to find this a the airport. jet A1 always has a bit of water but if it came from caltex it was always much worse. They used a wet process in the refining (somewhere) and the result is it had to be dealt with at the JUHI.
  18. i have a good friend who works for BP (corporate level, not at a servo!) and will verify the claims for you all.

    as for V power - i've run plenty of engines (from 5hp-500hp, carbie & EFI, turbo, supercharged & NA) on every premium ULP on the market today, and not had any troubles, including V Power. The old Optimax by shell did cause some issues, but that is not available nowdays. just my 2 cents.
  19. Then keep using it, the amount of garbage that gets bandied around about vmax astounds me, yes if you have an older carbied bike then don't use it, if your bike is designed to run on 91 ron then don't use it.
    If you have an efi bike that's designed to run on premium fuel then go for your life it doesn't do anything.
    I've been running vmax/optimax in my bike and cars since the stuff came out and have had NO issue with this fuel none!
  20. SNIP

    BP Ultimate is strickly a BP refined & produced product, exclusivley sold by BP (and it's agents). Shell do not sell it, nor to BP sell Shell's V-Power.