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Shell V Power, anyone thinking of trying?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by BJ, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. I've seen the new Shell V Power about and saw that there is a 100 octane version called V Power Racing.....
    I know Optimax was widely seen as bad for bikes.. carb's especially i think...
    but is anyone thinking of giving the new stuff a shot seeing as though it is supposed to be a different product not just a name change
    the 100 octane stuff is only at a few servo's... if anyone has given it a shot let us know.
    more info if anyones after it and links to it's locations:

  2. thread #6754.67 on shell vpower and vpower racing
    Renamed optimax and optimax extreme.
    Do a small search and you will find all the threads in the last few weeks on this.
  3. Never had a problem with Optimax in my carbed R1, and the bike seems to love V-power even more than the old Optimax. Never has the engine ever run so smooth.
  4. Ditto Smee and Cathar.

    As I've said elsewhere, Vpower rocks [img:47:15:c5d8c9d389]http://users.telenet.be/eforum/emoticons4u/evil/1022.gif[/img:c5d8c9d389]

    To be fair Smee, the topic of vpower racing hasn't been covered before... i've never even heard of it till now.


  5. The only thing that makes me nervous (probably due to my shitful understanding of engines) is that it's friction modified... Or at least it says so...

    Now I know it's a different kettle of fish to engine oil - but what effect might that friction modification have?
  6. Yes it has Rob.
    Vpower racing is optimax extreme which is the 100 octane with 5% ethanol blend.
    It has been mentioned in the other vpower threads but as you point out it can be missed amongst the signal to noise ratio
    Doesn't help when the server was chucking wobblies.
  7. Friction modified fuel?? The only thing fuel could modify friction on is this :jerk: .
    Even if it does have friction modifiers in it, I can't see more than .0000000001% getting into the oil to have any sort of effect.
    As with any engine, check recommended octane rating from manufacturer. Using too high an octane rating can cause problems with regards fuel burn. Basically higher octane is slower to start burning, and this is where some engines have troubles with higher exhaust temps as burning fuel exits the combustion chamber.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. ...don't think it's about getting frixn modifiers into the oil. It's about reducing friction on the sides of the cylinder, in the combustion exposed area.

    Loz, for a better understanding of engines, check out this link:

  9. Sorry, are you saying that there's absolutely zero chemical composition difference between the old Optimax and V-power?
  10. You're riding a 250 Hornet - neither fuel is going to improve its performance and in fact V-power Racing is likely to damage it (due to the ethanol).
  11. I filled up the jerry can recently with the V Power Racing.

    Used it in all three of our bikes, a 2006 ZX10R, 200 Ducati Monster 750, and a 93 Honda CB250.

    The Monster hated it, after using about 1/2 tank it was backfiring heaps, would barely idle, and you couldn't hold a constant low throttle, eg ride constant 60kmh.

    I refilled the Monster with Mobile Synergy 8000, and it started to get better within a k of leaving the servo, by the time I had ridden 10k the bike was back to it's normal self.

    I didn't notice any problems/difference in the other two bikes.

  12. yeah i tried the extreme once... didnt realise it had ethanol so stopped using it after that. Although the bike did like it, got better throttle response.

    For now ill just stick to my regular BP ultimate
  13. soz

    sorry bout not realising it had already been a topic... fail to search fail to find i suppose :grin:
    VPower has 5% ethanol i think which is fine for bikes im pretty sure anything above 10% is bad though....
    oh and im on a 600 now just havn't updated my profile :p