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She'll no longer blow - gives cancer ya know...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bluesuede, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. Well guys, the writing's on the wall.

    Women the world over are rejoicing. No longer needing to get married in order to cut off the supply, now they can just say to you:

    "Sorry dear but I won't do that. Don't you realise oral sex gives you cancer?"

    It spells the end of catholic high school dances everywhere. Pimply faced teenage boys have cried out in horror, seeing no further reason to get dressed up in monkey suits and prance around a hall without the time honoured tradition of the post ball blow job...

    Is it a sign of the impending apocalypse? :LOL:

  2. I have faith.
  3. Spiffing.

    No more smoking.

    No more boozing.

    No more food that tastes of anything much.

    Biking constantly under attack.

    And now the news that a bit of indulgence in cupid's kipper or the pink oboe will kill you.

    The puritanical wowsers shall iherit the Earth :evil: .
  4. And when I clicked on the link, there was an with a big picture of Dawn Fraser saying 'Why is Dawn Fraser Smiling...click on the link to find out why'....!!!!
  5. Great, just another damn excuse for the missus to use. :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Bowel cancer.
  7. "What article hon " ... :-w
  8. what i love about the internet is that for every fact there's a counter-fact.

    semen therapy

  9. Stress less boys, it'll only give them cancer if you've already got diseases.
  10. :shock:

    How very, very odd indeed. Although I don't know what the issue is. There's always the exhaust pipe after all.
  11. Even more reason to shag me thinks.
  12. When I clicked on it I got an ad saying "What have Kyle and JackieO been up to this morning?" :LOL:
  13. It's a cumulative risk thing - the more sex partners you have the higher the risk of exposure. The same holds true for HPV and the risk of cervical cancer.

    Now, what is needed is for someone to come out with a range of flavoured condoms that actually taste ok, and it will be business as usual. :roll:
  14. My reading of the article was that the risk runs in both directions.

    I'd also point out that HPV in general is not necessarily sexually transmitted, so you can be carrying it without having dipped your wick where you shouldn't.

    Not that I'm too worried. It's far too late for the MrsB and me :grin: .
  15. Not good enough...The worst case scenario was 'spit' rather than 'swallow', when did it come down to this!? And here I thought the world was progressing :cry:
  16. I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised if Kyle has throat cancer.
  17. Given that it's HPV-related, and the Gardasil cervical cancer virus is really an HPV virus, and that all highschool girls (and any women who ask) are currently being vaccinated with Gardasil, it seems like a pretty solved problem to me.
  18. There's a joke about only highschool girls giving blowjobs in there, but I'm far too mature to make that jump.
  19. Given that there are many variants of the HPV virus the vaccine only protects you from the specific variant it was made from.
    So if you get vaccine of variant A and consume variant B you are not going to have the immunity.

    Viruses suck like that :p