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Shell Ferrari TV Advert

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pvda, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. Our Sydney members will remember a fuss over an Advert that was to be filmed on the Harbour Bridge a little while ago using an old Ferrari race car that got cancelled by the state government about two days before filming was due to start :roll:

    Well the resultant advert has been posted on the web and spectacular it is and I only hope the tree huggers in the NSW government are now kicking themselves on missing out on the free publicity it would've generated world wide :p

    Linky - Warning it's 16.5M so not dial up friendly at all

    The beauty of this is you can right click and download and save the file (QuickTime .mov 16.5Meg) unlike things on YouTube.

  2. Nice!

    What was the NSW Gov't objection?
  3. God those cars sound brilliant!

    NSW govt - pack of morons for knocking that back, considering that cities like New York and Rome allowed closures on major sites.
  4. http://www.downloadhelper.net/ makes YouTube downloads easy for Firefox users. :)
  5. Ah, yes. Vision! :roll: :roll: :roll:
  6. But they'll close the bridge for an idiot like Cheney?????

    Priorities people... :?
  7. got it the other day, .torrent download

    really enjoyed the ad
  8. What was there objection, i may be wrong but i swear one of those bridges was the seacliff bridge just south of bald hill. Why there and not the harbour bridge, traffic disruption maybe?
  9. I'd love to know the full story on this one cause who do we believe, an oil company or a government?? :deal:
  10. Ah, more brilliant journalism from the Daily Telegraph
  11. Nice ad, thanks for the link. :)

    I've heard stories of Ferrari dealers telling their customers not to use Shell fuel in their cars because of all the detergents they put in it. I also heard Porsche do the same thing.