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Sheeth's new 95 Kwaka 600 Track bike!

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Sheeth, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. Well, I did it. After much consideration I though I really needed to bite the bullet and buy a track bike.

    Due to a number of reasons I couldn't go all out and spend up big, neither did I want to sell my road bike to fund it. So after talking to my motorcycle mad brother, we decided to go halves on a old dog. Nothing special, just something we can learn on, and frankly, something we can crash.

    So here it is, Its a 1995 ZX6r with all the goodies, (Spare fairings, stands, tire warmers etc.) And it only cost us...... $2125!!

    Well, you might start to think it must be a dog, and well, it is! Its seen alot of track riding and it worse for wear, but! It runs really well, and its a solid package if very rough around the edges. This suits us fine though because we love to tinker. and because of this the photos we only thought to take once we'd pulled the thing to pieces haha, anyway, you'll get the idea.

    Now you might ask, what needs doing on this old girl before you'd be happy thrashing it at the track. Well, not heaps, heres what it needs;

    New rear shock, its got no damping or compression at all! So we're going to retro fit a more modern say 2000+ unit.

    Full service, including all fluids, filters, plugs and a carb clean.

    Overhaul of the instruments, they were attacked with gaffa and an ice cream container haha.

    And whatever else we find along the way, we really are hoping to make this old girl fly on a budget, even just to prove you don't need to spend big to learn big on the track, (and hopefully go quick too)

    Some pics! (sorry there not more of it together, we didn't think haha)

    Part of the reason it went to cheep was how the ad was done, didn't really sell it, used its uglier name, made the other fairings look smashed, (there brand new) etc:

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  2. What a ripper mate, good choice! I can't wait to finish my track bike :)
  3. Mate, what a find !!!!
    CONGRATS dude...pearla bike and not much at all to be done to get your beast up and ripping around on the track !
    Hope to see you out there sometime bud (y)
  4. AWESOME! so in love with that bike! it matches the colour of my fingernails (painted, not mouldy haha)!

    wicked track bike, exactly what i'd get if i want to get into track
  5. In the 3rd pic you look so happy.

    Not a normal happy though, more like a serial killer happy who just bought a kitten killing machine.

    Congrats on the (cheap) purchase. Looks fantastic and I'm glad you kept the R1!
  6. Thanks guys! I'll keep you updated. It seems for the moment the more we dig, the more we find. The radiators full of mineral build up, the ram air intakes where full of water and the fuel switch leaks haha.

    I'm going to buy some parts today, hopefully have it ready by the 17th of April (hint hint nickers.)
  7. looks good! its exactly what i want!!
  8. Nice work - you look rather stoked.
    Are you going to get slicks for it or just run what's on there?
    I'll give my gixxer a few squirts at trackdays soon and I'm saving like a mad dog to pick up a tracky as welll.
    Well done mate.

  9. Thanks so much guys!

    Road rubber first up, gives us some tread if it rains, and we might be able to actually find its limits! we're thinking Q2s or equivalent, particularly for going into winter.

    We'll hit the slicks after that though, cant wait!
  10. Update time!

    Ok guys, we've been pretty flat out working on this bike to bring up to a standard we think is acceptable to be shooting down PI at 250 clicks.

    Here just some of the funny mechanical things we've found with this bike:

    Rev counter is held together with gaffa and an Ice cream container

    Radiator and cooling system is in horrible nick, full of rust, sludge and things that look like they could come alive, but, doesn't leak!

    Grips weren't attached, yes really

    Rear shock is dogs balls, its so bad its funny

    Etc etc.

    So, obviously we've got lots to do! Here's what we've got done so far:

    Cleaned and inspected the carbs, they're in really good nick actually, not even that dirty

    Cleaned the air filter, which looked like it hadn't been cleaned in 15 years haha

    Swapped out the old fuel filter and got rid of the old fuel tap, it was a leaky son of a biatch and weighed grams so it had to go!

    Done a full chain and sprocket clean, again, pretty good nick under all that grime

    Flushed the radiator, and my god was it bad, considering swapping it out

    So as you can see we haven't done stacks, we haven't even changed the oil yet, we're more been seeing what needs doing, and checking that the bike is usable before we blew heaps more cash on it.

    So what happens this week?? Get all the serviceable stuff done, bleed the brakes, oil and filter, sparks, fork oil etc. Then swap out the old shock, we've bought a WP shock from a 98 ZX6r, so that might take a little fabrication to get it to fix, we might have to more the battery box.

    Once we've done those set things we're pretty much ready to go, just a few unimportant things and boom, its done.

    In other news we took it for a ride on our short private test track just to check everything's working and in order. My god it runs so well, and goes so hard. The motor is so strong, its been set up by someone who really knows what their doing. We think the emission stuffs been played with, and the head gasket look aftermarket too, probably thinner to up the compression. Either way, the bike rips now, couple that with weighing nothing (after all the all important hack saw work its had,) and I think we're on a winner.

    More updates and Pics soon guys! Hopefully should be done within the next 2 weeks!
  11. the bike seems like its well on its way, post some more pics!
  12. Very nice. I race one of these babies, great little bikes!
  13. More info please!!!!!

    Thats the plan for this but we don't know enough about it. What class are you racing in mate?
  14. Go the Pirelli DRC's if you're set on a road tyre off the bat - Stickier than the Q2 and better in the wet.

    I hate my Q2's.
  15. Ahhh, my brother swears by them.

    Do they make DRC's in a rear 60/160 though? and can you get then on the cheep?
  16. Racing in NSW in the PCRA championship. Basically to go racing you join a club that suits your bike, get a race licence, prepare your bike (lockwiring etc) and go enter a club race.

    I'm not sure what the classes are like in VIC but there are two classes our 6 fix into in NSW. So about 10 rounds a year.
  17. looks like I'll be joining you in the sharesies track bike game - Got an offer today I couldn't refuse.

    Just doing one final check on the bike then if all goes well doing some mods - then tracks days here I come!
  18. Thats awesome mate!

    We should make a shitbike gang and go kick ass at the track days! haha

    The shock is being sent today so expect updates hopefully of a shock going in on the weekend!
  19. Hehe it's not shit! It's pretty! Or it will be once I get a hold of it - All I can say is thank god the person I'm going halves with knows how to fix stuff - my total involvement in the process of getting it on the track will be picking out the colour and sitting on it making vrooom noises.

    It's a steal - most would cry at the price we are getting it
  20. Its not a better deal than mine is it?!