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Sheeth's 2007 R1 11k oh how it saddens me!

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Sheeth, May 19, 2011.

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  1. Hey guys, this bike was a write off and was fixed up by me last year with help from bike magic and Brighton Kawasaki.

    I had a ball fixing the bike up and am only selling it to go on a once in a lifetime European holiday. Trust me I really wanted to hold onto this bike forever. If you want to have a look at the damage before I had it fixed up please note all recites are provided:


    2007 Yamaha R1, very regretful sale. This bike comes with HEAPS of top of the line extras.

    Now asking only $10,500 on Netrider and more elsewhere, but I'm open to all offers,


    RW and Rego provided

    Yoshimura TRC Slipons,
    Pazzo gold short leavers,
    Red Vortex rear-sets, carbon fiber heal plates,
    K and N air and oil filter,
    GB racing rear crash knobs/stand pickups,
    Fresh EBC pads HH front and organic rear,
    Fresh EBC race clutch,
    Goodrich braided front lines,
    Iridium Plugs,
    Fender Eliminator,
    Michelin Pilot Pure tyres,
    Both clear and double bubble tint screen included.
    Suspension has been set by Graden at Bike Magic
    Only run on fully synthetic Motul oil changed regularly, runs like a dream.

    I’ll also throw in the OHLINS steering damper if the bike goes for the right price.

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  2. Well done on a magnificently presented R1, Sheeth, and best of luck with the sale.
    At your price and mods/accessories fitted & attention to detail, I don't think you'll be advertising too long.
    Folks, here's a chance to own a downright powerful, professionally tricked-up and iconic R1 weapon.
    Good luck mate (y)
  3. Thanks heaps Nick means a lot.
  4. Good luck Sheeth. Such a sweeeeet looking bike mate.
    Those red rearsets look hot :)

  5. No interest thus far, am willing to consider all offers!
  6. OK guys price adjustment!

    Call it $10,500 Open to ALL offers. Don't let this beast get away from you!
  7. Deposit taken!!
  8. Congratulations brother. Europe's doors have now opened wide for Sheeth and his posse :)
  9. Mate....that's AWESOME !!!!
    Well done.. it was obvious your trick bike wouldn't be 'on sale' for too long.
    See ya on the weekend buddy.
  10. Thanks guys!!

    Now what to buy!!! How exiting! I'm not 100% I'll get something before my trip, but really, I don't know if I can live without for 5 hole weeks! haha

    Hopefully I can give it one last ride on Sunday Nick, otherwise I'll be driving the bomb (BOOO)
  11. I'll be selling my 01 R1 very soon as I've picked up another bike :wink:

    But I'm guessing you will be wanting something a little newer haha
  12. No mate thats pretty much bang on what I'm looking for. But I'll be either getting one in a big hurry before I leave, (this week or next at the latest,) or when I get back. Might not work out! How much were you after?
  13. SOLD (Please close mods!)
  14. Well done Sheeth ! Awesome bike - pics t be forwarded to you in due course :)
    Thread is now closing.
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