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Sheeth's 08 R6 superstock!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Sheeth, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. So I've been getting pretty hard into track days over the last year or so.

    Things just got a little bit more serious...


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  2. what was she worth?
  3. F@#&ing sweet! Looks tidy as.

    Do you have a build page?
  4. 7K Goz, come with spares, tires with wets, warmers and stands. cost 400 bucks to get it from ACT to Melb though.

    Build? Na I don't almost everything is already done. Just getting the last few things organised so it'll be ok to race and thats it.
  5. hmmm ok, might drop my price then, cheers bud
  6. u know how many k's she had?
  7. Yeah mate, I actually looked at yours on fx classifieds. It only had 1400km believe it or not. And it's real too, the bike looks completely unmolested.

    If I were you I'd finish yours, take some killer photos and keep the price the same. It's be a great buy.
  8. thats my problem, i got no time to finish it, ill take 6500 as is now, theres actualy fuck all to do really, just drill a few holes and put in some bolts, done lol, ill change my price on FX :)
  9. good idea mate, best of luck!!
  10. nice track weapon you have there... and only 1400km? wow...
  11. let me know when you're headed out to the track again, i'll come with and see if i can keep up!
  12. Will do Jimmy, but I've got a feeling I'll be the one trying to keep up with you!
  13. A quick pick from my first shot at the Island. What a bike! Can't wait to get it out again!!

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  14. I dont think you could be smiling anymore under that helmet, nice pic
  15. nice shot!! how did the times go?
  16. Pretty average if I'm honest. Sitting at about 1:57.

    I do have a couple of decent excuses though aha; my gearing was WAY off. Toped out half way though the grid and had to back off or torture the bike on the rev limiter for AGES into turn one. And I was stuck in the Medium group, the day was full so they didn't let me move up. Never got a clean lap all day.

    Still, plenty of room for improvement from me and the bike - my aim is between 1:50 and 1:55 next time out, hopefully the latter.
  17. Fantastic bike and what a photo..................VERY nice :)

    Did your brother end up inheriting the rat bike?

  18. Nice one.
    It looks the goods, I bet it's fun to ride.
    Perfect trackbike= 600cc and under.
  19. not really haha, he's got a rs250 for the track so doesn't 'need' the rat bike.

    Having said that we havent got rid of it yet. It's worth nothing so it's not really worth selling. Thoughts have wondered to a turning it into a stunt bike, or even a dirt tracker haha.

    At the moment it's just sitting there - got I love that thing haha
  20. how much would you be looking at to sell it? you are talking about your kwaka I saw at winton?