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Sheeths 08 R6 slow mo at Broaford.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Sheeth, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. #1 Sheeth, Jun 8, 2012
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    Let me know what you guys think. I'm going to try and make riding vids regularly as I get into racing, hopefully to help with getting some support.


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  3. Would be great to do at the Island!
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  4. IMO the only thing that let the video down was the font, seemed a bit childish and didn't fit in with the graceful music and slow motion shots.

    I'm guessing you did some digital zooming which lost a bit of quality from some of the shots. Guess that will come down to cost in the end but if you are keen on it may be worth getting a lense that will allow you to zoom in. Really liked the shot at the 1 minute mark. Also at 1:19 when you added the subtle audio of the engine when the video went to real time speed was a nice touch. I felt it added a lot to it.

    The shots of the light breaking through the clouds at the start looked good but kind of didn't fit in with the video. If you had been riding through that scenery I think it may have worked but since it transitioned to track riding it kind of felt a bit displaced from the rest of the video.

    Overall great Job. I think you have potential to make some really great videos.

    If you ever want really good inspiration check out rokkit44's videos.
    Perception and lessons for life are 2 of his bests ones.
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  5. Thanks for the feedback KANGA .

    Noted for the font, I had a feeling it wasn't ideal. The other fonts I tried were even worse, there must be an art in finding that perfect one.

    The zooming your talking about was a super slow mo function on a handycam, it looked great on the cameras screen but shithouse as soon as it got on the computer. The other shots are with a DSLR with zoom lense and this is what I'll be using for all footage as of next time. It really was a learning experience with things like that. I'll be keeping the camera still next time rather than trying to follow the bike. Much easier to get nice shots.

    Thanks again mate, I'll take all that in for the next vid. Planning for it to be much more up beat and exiting haha