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Sheepskin seat covers. Product review.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by incitatus, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. About a month ago I received and fitted a set of sheepskin seat covers from a little outfit called 'Sheepy Hollow', and thought I would post a product review. These are without doubt the best sheepskin covers I have ever had, by a big margin. They are fully tailored, and I mean fully, they fit like they were factory originals. They are dyed using a special process that ensures they will not fade in the sun, and are made with really thick top quality fleeces They are made of a single hide, with a leather 'skirt' forming a tight fitting 'pocket' attached around the edges hidden under the seat, and pulled taught by elastic straps with hooks and eyes fitted. The fit is so perfect that it was a little hard to get them on originally, but once about half fitted over the seat, it becomes easy to get the rest on. After about a month of riding, I cannot praise these enough, the comfort is awesome. I have had many sheepskin covers over the years, usually about mid-range in price, but these prove the old adage that "you get what you pay for" They were not cheap, but worth every cent. Sheepy Hollow also do an 'ordinary' version at a lower price, but if you are in the market for a sheepskin cover I would seriously consider their top model. They can be a bit slow in delivering though as each one is tailor made on a pattern for your particular bike. They must have had a bit of fleece left over from mine, because they included a free beaut sheepskin stubby holder!

    I have posted a couple of pictures of my bike with the covers fitted at;


    Please Note: I am in no way associated with Sheepy Hollow except as a very satisfied customer.

  2. Thanks for that inci, I've seen their adverts, and often wondered if they were any good. I know a lot of long-distance riders swear by wooly seats.

    Must give them a call and see if sheep and hornets are compatible

    PS Beautiful bike, mate, obviously well-loved!!! :D
  3. They also sell strap-on sheepskin single seat pads for $39 IIRC.

    I got one for my bike - once strapped in place it doesn't move at all, and makes the seat a helluva lot more comfortable.

    Oh - I ordered it online, and it arrived within a couple of days. No hassles. :)

  4. I got mine for $2, and you're right...worth every cent.

    Many years ago I was riding in the dry, dusty Mallee near the Vic/SA border. It was midsummer, a 5 hour trip and my arse glued itself to the vinyl seat. In significant discomfort I stopped at a chemist to see if I could get a sheepskin - the sort they sell for babies cots.

    "Naaah...but there's a place up the road that has them. Try there"

    So i head to the edge of town (about 30 seconds) and wander into a shop.

    "Can i buy a sheepskin?"
    "Sure...how big"
    "A small one will do"
    "2 Bucks - I'll get one from out the back"

    It came out and it was new. Very new. So new, it still had bits of sheep attached. I suspect that the sheep had been skinned to my order. Imagine a cross between an ugg boot and a BBQ chop.

    Still, for 2 bucks, what can you expect. Handed over the money, slung it over the seat (furry side up) and off I went.

    Damn, it was comfortable. And my jeans had a supple lanolin feel to them.

    I was headed home to Melbourne and things were going fine until, after about 4 hours, I met the first traffic light. Sniff, Sniff...something smells..EEEEWWWWW!!

    My bike was flyblown. While I had some speed, I didn't notice the stench. But every traffic light was olfactory torture.

    I got home, threw the skin on the front lawn and ran for the shower. The dog ate the skin, I never got the lanolin out of the jeans and now I'm really careful about product specifications when I place an order.

  5. Classic...bloody hilarious. You should write a book, (apologies if you already have, and I missed it).
  6. I just want to know where you got the little tray with wheels the bike is sitting on :?:
    Like the cover also, how much? how long did it take for them to make?
  7. The 'tray' is bike mover from Bekkers. They run an ad in Australian Road Rider mag. It enables me to manouver the bike into tight spaces as I have 2 cars, a ute, and three bikes to squeeze in.

    The cover was $190, but it is a two piece seat on the R1150R and other models may be cheaper. It took almost a month to arrive, but he phoned me and warned me that he had a backlog, he didn't just keep me hanging.
  8. Excuse the silly question....

    How much of a problem is it when it rains?
    Does the seat feel worse when wet?

    I'm interested in the $39 option while still on my 250cc. Does anyone know of a store in Melb stoking them?
  9. Not a silly question at all. A wet sheepskin is very uncomfortable indeed. The good news is that it dries out quickly in the sun, especially after a good rub with a towel. However, common sense dictates that most people have a thin plastic slip-on elasticated cover for wet weather. Mine folds up to about the size of a matchbox and lives under the seat. Even with the cover on, the seat is way more comfortable than stock.
  10. I have had my Sheepy hollow cover since 2000 on the ST2. It even covers the Corbin seat I bought later. Fit is superb and the workmanship is second to none.
    I have ridden it in the rain and everything and is still A1 condition. When it gets wet I give it a quick rub with a towel and all is good. One of the best investments I have made for the bike to date.