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she went for her first ride yesterday

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by russ, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. yup, my gf rode out on the roads yesterday, with me acting as a blocker for traffic (and man was I aggressively stopping people from coming anywhere near her)


    whos stupid crazy idea was it for her to get her license?

    well ok it was me, but man was I scared watching her wobbling down the streets yelling "brake...BRAKE!!!" into my helmet.

    she'll be a good rider, she's pretty darn coordinated, I'm just not convinced the mental factor is altogether there.
    I managed to terrify her before going out by trying to get her to understand that cars don't see and will do stupid things and andand :eek:hno: :eek:hno: :eek:hno:
    (I might have mentioned that her bike had spongy brakes)

    anywhoo. tips for others about to go throught the first ride along... don't terrify your students! :grin:
  2. mate people been presuring my missus to get her licence as well
    and as much as i would love her to get it
    ill be in the same situation as you..
    scared if anything happens to her..
    but i guess if she wants to get it she will lol
  3. ahh we love ur missus troy :grin: she is going to be a rev head whether u like it or not bro :LOL: :LOL: i can see the fire in her eyes! she going to beat ur ass on the rds eventually :LOL:
  4. Doesnt matter if its your missus or Mr.! How do you think I felt when Shaun went out on his first ride? I didnt go with him cause I was so worried. How do you think Im gonna feel when Rubes ( my daughter) gets her licence? Troysta, how does Jackie feel every time you go out on the bike? I bet shes worries too! Lucky Shaun spent 4 years on the back ( good little biatch ) so he had a fair idea of how drivers behave.
  5. well u see i dont mind getting loosing to my missus....
    its you that will take it the hard way....
    cause u know she will most likely be able to pull wheelies better then us
    :LOL: :LOL:
  6. yeah but maybe if she spent some more time like shaun did on the back and be more like ....(not saying what u said lol he much bigger then me... lol :LOL: )
    ill feel better about it
    but she know how i ride... like a girl :shock: :grin: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. well it happened, on only her second ride. someone tried to kill her.

    1/2 a second difference and yup it would have been a different story. :shock:

    riding down a quiet suburban street she decides to turn right into a road. she indicates right, I move to the left hand side of the road to block any car trying to slide past on the left, this also means that any car behind will definitely see her indicater (sicne I am not directly behind her)

    a car is approaching us on the other side of the road is indicating left but it is not clear if it is turning into the same road or trying to park. the car behind me that I had moved to block moves into the right hand lane to OVERTAKE!

    I will just clarify this: the car is overtaking two motorbikes indicating right and starting to move right. it is also overtaking with an oncoming car.

    at this point I grab the horn to warn my g/f (there is time to avoid the problem)
    I missed the horn. F^%k!
    now there is no time

    she hesitates in the turn - the oncoming car isn't clear in its actions
    I hit the horn and the car flies past

    the hesitate saved her.
    but most importantly shes ok

    and now I'm in chase mode

    man did I blow a stack at that driver (though I caught up in sight of my g/f so I couldn't really go to town on the mirrors etc)

    later she questioned why I hadn't taken them off :LOL:
  9. Overtaking on the left when someone is turning right isn't illegal.

    I'd say you're the one causing the extra danger to your girlfriend by trying this "Blocking" crap.

    You're obviously frustrating other vehicles to the point where they try retardo overtake manouvers.
  10. I think Russ was justified. He was being defensive, not dangerous.

    He described a situation where the car driver got impatient and tried overtaking dangerously.

    There is no excuse for doing stupid, dangerous, illegal things because you are unhappy with the speed or road position of the driver ahead.

    In my car I have been held up by many slow drivers who were learning or had no clue where they were going but I just wait until the raod is clear and I also actively block so that others don't get the idea they can dangerously overtake both of us.
  11. It is illegal if it is a single lane road as far as i am aware and is classed under 'over taking on the left'. I think the car driver was totally out of line and was just another one of those "OH NO I CAN'T WAIT 20 SECONDS, TIME IS PRECIOUS AND I NEED TO BE MOVING EVERY SECOND, WHERE ALL GOING TO DIE, ARRGHHHHH" type of people who are ignorant to the safety and courtesy of others. They had no right to attempt so a ridiculously stupid, dangerous and illegal over-taking manouver.

    For those of you who like to have a picture to help your thoughts i have drawn one up which i hope is correct!?!?!


    Josh =0)
  12. Not quite. There is a proviso in the Vic rule that states it is OK to pass on the left of a vehicle that is turning right but only if it is safe to do so . There is no specific limitation about the number of lanes.
    Obviously if it was necessary to leave the road to do so it would be illegal, and so on.
    Obviously the driver did a highly dangerous (and therefore probably illegal manoeuvre). Russ' shift to the left was certainly not illegal, but I'm not sure that it really helped the situation, in the end.
  13. I have to say that as 'new' (well new to legally riding on the roads) rider, "that blocking crap" really helps with settling the nerves that you automatically get from having some prick in a cage tailgate you when your L plate is staring them in the face.

    When you start out you have enough to think about, having someone to look out for you helps heaps. Of course there comes a time when you have to do it by yourself, but on your first and second rides having someone block for you is a good thing.

    <egiste puts on rant hat>
    As for the prick over taking while you were turning right, the only reason they pulled that stunt is because they thought that they could imtimidate you as you were on a bike, $10 says if you were in a beat up '71 HQ prem with an L plate in the window, they would have waited for you to turn !!!
    </egiste puts on rant hat>
  14. yup the picture is exactly how it happened.

    points of clarification though:

    there was no room to undertake since it was a small suburban road.
    my move to the left (wheel position of cars) was mainly in aid of indicator visibility and to dissuade a car (50m away) from attempting to slide past
    my movement was not sudden or inreaction to a close car, the car was a long distance from me when i moved adn therefor had much time to decide.
    I have not been swerving or aggressively moving between the lane or cars. I simply owned my lane presented a larger view to the cars. If my moving to the left was dangerous then any group ride is dangerous since you ride in staggered formation.

    if you as a rider sidle up to right hand turns to try to allow cars behind you to pass you are putting yourself in danger. if they hit you they push you into oncoming traffic. If you own your lane by remaining either in the right hand wheel position or in the centre of the lane if they hit you they push you forward. not great but a hell of a lot better than into oncoming traffic

    "This blocking crap" involved me ensuring the highest visiblity for both bikes. and a certain level of time protection for the L-plater. i.e. I ride at the full 3 second gap something most melbournians don't like doing

    I don't ride like a nut bag.