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She tries to crank over...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by say_wat, May 5, 2007.

  1. Unfortunately my bike hasn't been started for a few months now because of an interstate move - The bike was fine in sydney i rode it up the ramp on my trailer but in melbourne it won't even crank over.

    I recharged my battery and tried to crank her up, she keeps trying without success with the odd occasional cough where you know that the cylinders received a bit of fuel; that is my opinion so far, that there seems to perhaps be a fuel restriction -- there is fuel flow TO the carbies and the tank fuel hasn't 'jelled up' yet.

    Any thoughts? perhaps the carbies are causing a restriction somewhere? I really don't want to take the carbies out, what is the easiest way of draining the carby of fuel? this is killing me :(

  2. How old is the fuel? ULP has a very short "shelf" life.
  3. I have started one of my bikes that had ULP sitting in it for over 2 years no problem, a few cranks to fill the chambers with fuel/air, and some spark and away she went.
  4. I recommend you drain the fuel tank and put fresh petrol in. Otherwise, plugs and leads.
  5. Carbs probably dry, especially if your bike has a vacuum fuel tap.
    Select prime if you have it, if not, you have to get some fuel into the carb bowls or cylinders so she'll kick over.
    My Z would do this after a couple of days off the road.
    Regards, Andrew.
  6. I've had fuel 12 months old that I couldnt even ignite with a match.
  7. WOW, where was it stored??
    My bike was stored in my garage, cool and dry.
  8. In 44's in our fuel store. Under cover. Lucky only 2 drums of thick yellow goo. Couldnt work out why our drip torches were actually putting fire out :grin:
  9. The fuel is nice coloured and flows very freely, its only been in there for 4 months; do you think that really could be the problem??
  10. No, not at all.
    I think you just don't have ENOUGH fuel, as per my post earlier.
    If you can't get fuel into teh carbs as I suggested, crank it with full choke and no throttle till it starts.
    Regards, Andrew.
  11. I agree with typhoon on this - it's most likely some cylinders starved of good fuel.

    Drain all carbies.

    Turn fuel tap on to "prime" position. (If you dont have a prime then it's gonna need a lot of battery cranking or a push start).

    Make sure carbies have fuel.

    then try and start it.

    Vacuum fuel taps need vacuum to deliver fuel. No fuel in bowls, no ignition on cylinder, no suction, no fuel.

    If you canfirm each cylinder has fresh clean fuel, then you look elsewhere... but after sitting around a while fuel has evaporated but spark plugs havent. it's the logical starting point.
  12. Thanks fellas; The bike isn't a vaccum tap, it is either on or off (fuel petcock).

    How do i force some fuel into the carb bowls? I'm going to try the full choke on method tomorrow if the rain subsides...
  13. you might have to change/clean your spark plugs.

    if you try starting your bike over and over without success, eventually the chambers fill up with fuel (assuming fuel is going into the carbs) and foul up the spark plugs.

    also another stupid thing... is your kill switch on?
  14. Typhoon was right, carbies weren't getting fuel and full choke fixed it :) shes now working like a champ! Its funny coz i rarely (read : never) start her with choke, usually just a bit of throttle and she used to start... so i didn't even think of using choke...

    Thankyou all fellas!