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She Said YES! She Said YES!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by BalmyBrowny, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. Yay!!! Last night i asked my girlriend Katie to marry me. And she said yes :dance: And since she has been browsing the forum since gettting her licence 2 weeks ago,

    I Love You Katie :roses: :grin: And can't wait to make many more memories

    I'm so happy now :) long time of nervousness and worry is now over :D
  2. :eek:wned:

    oops.... I mean...


    Goodonya Mr and Mrs BB :roses: :dance:
  3. [​IMG]
    Congratulations and best wishes Balmy :grin:
  4. 100% awesomeness !!!! Congrats.
  5. Congrats! May many fun times lay ahead.
  6. Congratulation to both of you! :grin:
  7. Awwwwwwwww!!! The lub-ness!!!!!

    Congratulations to the both of you :grin: :tantrum: :dance: :beer: \:D/ :woot:
  8. Woo hooooooo....!!! Congrats BB!
  9. Better upgrade that ZZR before you trade your financial autonomy for sex! :p
  10. woohoo, now you can offload the 2fiddy on her and get a real bike. :p

    Congrats mate, marriage is a wonderful institution and remember she is ALWAYS right. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Rider down! rider down!..... :wink:
  12. you will now get a disease called "onegina" means 1 .... for the rest of your life
  13. Congratulations.
    It has to be the most mind bending decision of ones life
  14. nice! :rofl: :rofl:

    hope you recover well ;)
  15. Congrats :)

    Enjoy the bit before the kids take away most of your life :wink:
  16. Congratulations.

    Now all you need to do is to practice the only two phrases a guy needs to know.

    Yes dear

    I'm sorry

  17. Congrats guys....thats wonderful news :)
  18. Oh congratulations Frank, you're going to have sex with one vagina for the rest of your life! :LOL: (i hope you've seen Old School)

    Seriously though, congratulations champ!

  19. Paul we disagree on a lot. But you just got it in one!

  20. i hope the riders ok

    and has insurance.