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She leaks no more...

Discussion in 'Naked' at netrider.net.au started by davesquirrel, Sep 26, 2014.

  1. So, the ongoing saga with the leaking Street Triple R is concluded for the time being.

    After a week of not being able to ride thanks to an argument with a sharp knife while doing the washing up, finally got the bike back to Peter Stevens Dandenong (who despite being busy managed to fit me in the following day).

    Again, before i'd managed to finish my cup of tea, she was back out and I headed off to Healesville, stopping only for fuel and finding a small bead of oil around the blanking plug. By the time I got to Healesville, it was apparent the leaking hadn't been fixed, so I phoned PSD and, after a quick coffee and a chat about motorbikes with a nice old fella called Brian, who had a BMW F700GS, I headed back down to Dandenong.

    Back in she went, and I imbibed yet more tea (when the going gets tough, the British drink tea) and paid a visit to Rob's British Butchery, conveniently a mere wander up Lonsdale Street.

    Just over an hour later, I was riding away, and on getting home found no trace of oil on plug or tailpipe. I've since done another 200km and all seems well. 300km round trip to Venus Bay tomorrow will be the main test.

    Aside from the leak issue, the bike is fantastic. Seems lighter and more agile around twisties than my VTR, despite the extra weight. Looked at the tyres afterwards and i've clearly been quite a way over. Might have to invest in some kneepads at this rate.

    She'll be due the initial service next week, so hopefully if that blanking plug comes out it gets put back in and sealed properly.

    Big thanks to Peter Stevens Dandenong, they've been great throughout this, especially Paul, Mark, Lee and the bloke with the really bright green hair whose name I didn't catch...
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  2. Sorry to hear you had issues, but great news that it appears to have been fixed. Also good to see that a dealer did the right thing. Customer services is all too rare these days. Well done Peter Stevens
  3. My 14 street triple r had the same on the right hand side plug, I noticed it by some oil on the exhaust pipe.

    I don't think the plug actually has a sealing face (no torque setting), it just relies on thread goop to seal, which is fine except I guess they didn't use enough.
    I originally tried a liquid thread seal but still had a slight weep, so I did a bit of research on PTF tape and the temp range is fine for motors. Being a plumber I had plenty on hand ;-) so I used thread tape and I haven't had a leak since.