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She keeps breaking down on me!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by shazzam, May 3, 2011.

  1. Bought a Honda CT110 postie bike about 200km ago. It's a December 2006 model. 23800km. It's red! Just got my L's and have limited experience with riding and mechanical side of things.

    Was out for I think my second ride and was about 45 minutes into it. Coming down an empty road about 70kmh on my postie, revs were quite high and then suddenly the bike starts jerking back and forth and revs go to shit. Very unsteady sound to the revs and the bike cuts out as soon as I pull over. I think "No problem, I've ran out of fuel". Switch it over to reserve and try and start the bike. It doesn't start.

    After a lot of fiddling around I get it started and jerk my way down to the fuel station a couple hundred meters down the road still thinking I need fuel. Fill her up. Jump on and try and start the bike. It doesn't start. Embarrassingly push it over to the car parking area and try and figure out what's going on. No idea! Owner comes out and gives me a push start and I head for home. The bike feels like crap and WILL NOT go over 55kmh. It's jerking. I pull over and it dies again.

    I sit on the side of the road for half an hour just calming down. Not a good experience second time out and about on my L's. Kickstart and... It starts! I ride home, feels much better. No speed restrictions. It seems she has her life back in her. I get home, park and leave it for the night. It now will not start. I think I've kickstarted it once but it died straight away.

    I've replaced the oil and refueled. I'm going to put a new spark plug in but awaiting said spark plug and spanner. I don't know what's wrong with it. I did push it a fair bit that day and it was a little warm outside. I'm anxious to get it started again and have faith it won't jerk out on me again unexpectantly.

  2. Have you checked the choke ? Its the black lever on the carbie. Sometimes the lever can be broken off ,and the choke is left on which may flood the bike.
    If the lever is pushed up towards the petrol tank its on , away from the tank its off.
    I'd check the carbie as well, might need a clean ?
    I don't take you as an idiot by the way,you may well know where the choke is , if its broken off it can be hard to see.Good luck

    cheers Michael
  3. Check that the reserve line from the fuel cock is on the right way.
    Then the plug. have a good look at it.
    If it's brown all good.
    Black not so good. Poor fuel or air.
    Black and wet. Not sparking to well at all.
    Also pull out the air filter. It's in the oblong bit of plastic that runs down the left side of the bike under the seat with the wing nut on the end. It very rarely gets cleaned. Usually the problem with these.
    Mixture screw should be out 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 turns.
    Don't put fuel system cleaner in the tank. The jets are so fine on them all it does is dislodge shit from the tank and block the jets. They are at the underneath of the carby. Just undo the base and you will see the two of them.
    Be careful with the sump plug on them too. It strips real easy.
    The fuel cock pointing up is on. Which means the lever is down. Down is reserve and level is off.
  4. Nice stuff bretto , ill use that info. Your not a Postie are you?

  5. Yup. Contractor. I own two of the suckers. And good call on the choke. Level is off with that. But when they break its hard to tell.
  6. Hey guys

    So far I have checked the choke - it's down
    Spark plug I can't get to, don't have the spanner
    Pulled out the air filer, how do I clean this one?
  7. Get on line and check the manual I downloaded, it's got the lot for you!

    cheers Michael
  8. Postie Bible right there, thanks!

    It says to soak in a clear solvent, methylated spirits ok?
  9. I'd drain the carb. Your symptoms sound like you had sh*t in a jet, then it fell out while you were waiting. It will find its way in again unless you drain it.
    You might also get similar symptoms from a coil breaking down when its hot, causing misfire then recovering as it cools while you waited.
  10. I've used petrol , if I'm wrong to do that , happy to be corrected.
    How did you go?

    cheers Michael
  11. I did it in metho and dried it overnight. I have the day off so I'm going to drain the fuel and the carb (I'm actually having fun) and then reinstall the air filter and replace the spark plug.
  12. Good luck , keep us up to date

    cheers Michael