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She just works when she wants to?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by philmydang, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. Had just got my pinkslip done 2 days ago, and was riding back home. All good until i noticed I was losing power. Winding on more throttle and the bike just wasn't going. Engine eventually cut out (in traffic) and had to push the bloody thing for 3 hours to a mates house.

    Along the way I managed to get it started twice, both times with a very 'lumpy?' sounding idle, rode it about 50m with some strange throttle response - very jerky, then she died again. kept trying till my indicators stopped working and the starter motor made an unpleasant humming noise.

    Push starting did nothing either.

    I was sure i had fuel in the tank - could hear it swishing around, but i got desparate and filled up $5 at a local servo (who only had E10. argh!). Guys there jump started her, but again after idling for about 1 minute it just died.

    Next morning she fires up like a dream. Idle sounds beautiful and a quick test ride felt very smooth. Tried it a few times just to make sure I wasn't hallucinating.

    Question is, what the hell should i do?? I'm still abit afraid of her dying in traffic again. It's a scary experience pushing your bike up the hume highway with trucks roaring past you
  2. WhiteBikeYaGotMate?
  3. itsa97HondaShadowVT600
  4. You haven't been working on it again have you? Sorry had to ask... :wink:
  5. Fuel breather? Anyone know the set-up on this particular bike?
  6. I promise I haven't touched anything (else) :angel:
  7. Get RACV Total Care. I've cost those poor bastards so much in towing costs! But it's been worth it even for the simple peace of mind.
  8. Up until you said it only idled for a minute after re-filling I would have guessed it was a tank venting problem.

    How hot is the bike when it happens? I had a similar problem once and it come down to the vacuum line to the fuel tap. when the bike got hot, the line would leak. This cause the engine to lean and the bike to get hotter, etc, etc.

    So replace it for good measure and check the condition and fitment of all fuel lines. Clear the tank vent just in case.

    After that it is either the tap itself, or an electrical problem.

    vacuum line first.
  9. Could be a Rec/Reg on the way out, maybe even battery. Search this forum for how to check if rec/reg is ok.

    How old is the battery? Air filter? Spark plugs?

    You need three things, fuel/air/spark.
    Figure out which ones missing and youll be on the way to fixing it.
  10. :facepalm: Thick as two bricks, I am.
  11. So its just happened again and afew of my friends have mentioned something about a 'stator coil?' which causes misfiring if it overheats? noob question, but can someone explain to me what this is. I haven't managed to find a laymans explanation on google, nor have i found out how much these things cost to replace
  12. your friends are either idiots or are pull you leg.

    Have you looked at any of the things mentioned above.
  13. Get a multimeter and check the battery for charge after a ride. The fact that you lost indicators then the starter motor didn't tick over... sounds like its not charging the battery?
  14. My regulator dying on a cbr600f3 ('98) had similar issues. If your battery is charged the bike will be fine, when it runs out youll start getting problems like you have. Losing power, misfiring... Does the speedo/tacho get really jumpy when its happening? That happened to mine not long before it would stall.
  15. yes, the regulator. I had the same problems and it was a regulator issue, though my bike is a lot older.

    what does a jumpy speedo mean?
  16. Both the speedo and the tacho are electronic (no cable on the speedo). I believe the jumping is just a symptom of low voltage cos the battery is nearly flat. Not long after that the ignition system quits.