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She gives me the Shivers

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by BitSar, May 23, 2012.

  1. 2012 Aprilia Shiver Sport 750

    For anyone looking for a middleweight naked - think about the Shiver......amazing bike.




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  2. FWIW - I am more in love with it after a couple of hours playing than I thought I would be........

    This one is a long-term keeper...........I felt more at home on her than I have on any bike before....
  3. VERY nice Nick :) congrats, now get dressed and leave the bike alone lol

    Nice indeedee :)
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  4. Congrats ... Very purty :)

    Welcome to the Aprilia family =D>
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  5. Sounds like someone is in the throes of passion? Like all relationships, time will fade the initial enthusiasm. :) Hopefully you'll end up with a faithful partner. More likely, you'll trade it in after the relationship breaks down, get ripped off with the trade price and settle for a second hand version of what you've got, only to discover that someone's wound the odometer back and it's actually a non-repairable write-off!
  6. +1.

    Mate you'll love it and it looks awesome - the first pic is a ripper.

    Have fun and congrats
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  7. Hmmmm.....okay then?
  8. Very, very nice, look forward to seeing her in the flesh. Are those your wheelie marks ?
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  9. Yeah that first pic is at just the right angle - only using my HTC DesireHD phone camera......got right down on the ground and framed the red against the blue sky for maximum contrast......ohhhhhh, I think I wanna go into the garage and look at her :D
  10. Hahahahah - no to the tread marks........I did do my best to scrub the tyres today - not destroy them!

    You'll love it mate - might even be a contender for your upgrade
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  11. You mean its not sitting in your lounge room???
  12. Very nice looking bike. It's one of the others I'm considering for my next ride.

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  13. I tried getting her in - but the misses said no :(
  14. Get a test ride - you won't look back.....

    If you've seen my testing thread you'll see that I compared lots of things...

    The V-twin in the Aprilia is a bloody donk - even more-so than the L-twin in the Duc 1100EVO.....

    I am finding it hard to restrict myself to the 6,000rpm run in limit
  15. very nice indeed. congrats! I quite like the sharper angles on it
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  16. Yep. Seen your test thread. Problem is the other bike's the STR and I've already tested that one and didn't really have an issue with the seat. Still might have to try the Shiver anyway and the Triple again back to back.

  17. And what are you doing posting..........you should be out riding!!!

  18. Hahahaha - too true......

    Managed to do a bit of riding today - nothing too much, just here and there ~150k's......
  19. Thanks Pezza - you'll see her soon enough....
  20. Now - I just need a NAME for her???

    Whaddya guys reckon?