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She finally made it

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tim, May 5, 2011.

  1. my 2001 gsxr-1000, purchased in 2003 with 2000 k's on the clock.


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  2. Happy 100 000th.
  3. impressive
  4. congrats

    next milestone is my 155,000 on the Hornet :).
  5. That's what I like to see.....
    A bike bought to ride.... (y)
  6. 160,934km would be a real milestone
  7. damn, out-pedantic-ed :LOL:
  8. Good one Tim.
    Mine got 52,000 kays up in two and a half years,

    In the last 3 1/2 months its clocked up many spiders and cobwebs and other creepy crawlys but no Kays, Damn it,
  9. How long until you can stop taking public transport? 6 1/2?
  10. Man wouldn't you have been annoyed it you were riding on a freeway or whatnot and couldn't have stopped to take that pic!

    In other news...
    How irritating is it sitting in traffic! I've only been riding for a short while and even after a few months I can't stand having to wait in peak hour traffic now when I'm not on the bike... condolences to you buddy!
  11. funny you mentioned that. I got home from work last night and still had 32 k's to go.. Ride to work is 36k's, So I went for a 32k ride through the dandenongs just so I didn't have to stop on the monash this morning.
  12. Excellent!! (y)

    I heard that arc has just clocked up 20,000km on his 2011 ZX10R!!!
    Picked up in Jan I think.
  13. I've done 18,000 in under a year on my L's/P1 :D
  14. it's not a milestone until you've done 102,000 (then you'd have done 100,000 by yourself :p )
  15. I'm seeing so many of the newer bikes with >100k on the clock. When I was first getting into motorcycling I was always told 40000 is the end of a bikes life. I think it is perhaps proof of better build quality.
  16. I was recently looking at a 2006 Sprint with 122 000
  17. my bike comes up to 100000 in a few weeks I'll try and remember to post a pic, It's going in for the 100000 service next week
  18. ATM there's an '09 R1 with 600km on it!! Says he needs to buy a family car!!
    Shoulda kept it in his pants so he could keep riding!!!

    I've only done 12,300km since October.
    Still, the car doesn't do more than 7,000 per year!
  19. So as to not start another thread, mine just made it today! :)

    Got home with the odo showing 99998.7 (thought it was gunna clock over while I was riding.. phew). So propped it up and gave the chain a lube :)


    And its new again!