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Discussion in 'Scooters' started by furbypimp, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. hey everyone i aint posted for a while..
    well i posting to see what people think and if people have had the same experiance.

    the other morning cruising to work on my bolwel red devil..and it conked out on me when i was pasing through the gates at my work.
    i tried to get it started and nothing happend wouldnt start..
    finally i to it down to city skoots and had paul check it out..and it seems to have blown the rings and shattered the piston.
    my scooter done nearlly 9,000km and i have had the variator, lighter rollers and exhaust done..
    has anyone shattered a piston on there scooter?

    also the other dilema i face is that i want to sell it after xmas and upgrade to an sr-50 factory r or a purejet nrg..
    how much should i ask or get for my 50cc scooter???.i had it nearlly 2 years..
  2. You'll be shattered to know that posting in CAPS, no matter how serious the matter, is frowned upon on the 'Net in general and here in particular. Please edit your post accordingly :).

    {nicely done :wink:}

    I'm sure some scooter expert can answer your question, but 9,000 kms on a two-stroke motor (?) is a fair life without a major rebuild, I would have thought......
  3. Over revved it eh?

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. sorry bout the caps..didnt know..
    i as told that i should get about 20,000km out of it before rebuild..
    as for over revving..hmms unsure because im pretty good with it..it could do 75kph so i wouldnt push it i would do around 60kph use the extra spped for just over taking..but open to suggestion..
    should find out on friday how much it gonna cost to fix.
  5. With a STOCK transmission and exhaust, most people will get that mileage
    or more. With lighter rollers you'll rev more, with a different variator who knows, with a different exhaust you may have been running too lean and too hot (have you had the carbie tuned to match the exhaust?).
  6. No offence, but this is why I don't advocate the really small scooters. They are bult dirt cheap and to a tight price.
    What can you expect of a whiper snipper motor under constant hard work?
    My advice would be to save the money for an upgrade to a bigger scoot, and get a cheapo second hand motor for what you own now, and piss it off!

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Depends on what job you're doing. Sure, they won't do as many miles as a GTR1000, but most people won't do 20,000km on them in 10 years.
    And it's cheaper to replace the entire scooter than it is to buy a set of fairing plastics for a GTR.

    (me is a happy scooter AND gtr owner, each for it's proper job).
  8. If you had only 9,000 on it then i'd suggest there are a couple of possibilities;

    1. Its had a hard life, constantly held on full throttle. This would have been exacerbated by the mods you've done. Did you run it in properly? Regularly serviced? Quality oils and maintenance?

    2. It had something wrong with it. Even if this is the case, you basically stuffed because even if the time of your warranty hasnt run out, your modifications have certainly voided it.

    Get a quote to fix it. Then consider your options. If it going to cost a lot then you could either decide to bin it and cut your losses or you could decide to fix it and just keep it for a bit longer.

    If it was me? I'd say dont fix it, save your $$$ and use that money you save to get a motorcycle license. It wont cost you more than a few hundred. Then get yourself a larger capacity scoot that will better suit and last longer.
  9. fixing it may be an easy option - isnt a new 70cc kit around 4-500$?
  10. Problem is, when something big lets go in an engine, it puts mondo stress on all teh rotating components. On a 50, I wouldn't trust the crank and rod to be much chop long term after this.

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. Holy crap ! Is that normal ? What are these things made of ? I mean, I understand it's only a small engine but a rebuild every 20000km, that seems excessive IMHO.
  12. Most likely the engine let go because of the modifications you made. The engineers only designed it to go 50 km/h or there abouts. If it was over revving you would be lowering the engine life.

    Was it loosing power just before it conked out?
  13. just extrapolating on this;

    marty, you've really got to consider what these machines are designed and made for.

    They're 50cc scoots designed and built in Asia. The brief is a cheap little scoot that can get the rider a short distance in traffic. So i'm going to say the design is for an average speed of say 40km/hr. That equates to about 500hrs of use to cover 20,000k's.

    For the sake of the argument, lets say the average 50cc user commutes in traffic for an hour a day, 5 days a week (ie 5 hours each week) for 48 weeks a year (it would actually be less than this because most people wouldnt ride them in the middle of winter). So 5hrs a week by 48 weeks = 240hrs of use, so it would take a bit over 2 years to get your 500hrs of use out of it.

    So a 2 stroke, tiny engine, used for short trips almost daily. I'd suggest a couple of years of that would be about the most you could expect from it. Of course, there are going to be those who pamper their scoots and will get better life out of them, but these wouldnt be the norm. Also remember that these things are RETAILING for $2,000 (roughly) so you need to adjust your expectations accordingly.
  14. i think most likely it was the mods... perhaps it was running lean with the exhaust..maybee u just thrashed it too hard :cry: still the bolwell site has a story by some bird who rode her 50cc round australia (30 or 40 000 km or so) from new and it ran fine so ... id like to think that treated accordingly you would get more than 10000 km out of one..
  15. :shock: My R1 exhaust system cost more than that! :p
  16. i bet it will last longer than 10k too! :LOL:
  17. oks...
    now to the scooter..
    i do short trips 6km round trip to work and back everyday.
    well most days ..where i can i take the focus.
    yes the life expectance was shortend by the mods BUT not that much..
    the scooter has been run in fine never went over 45k's for the 1st 1000kms.
    then i got the 1st service...i had the exhaust done then with rollers.
    my next service was at 2,500km..then i got the variator done.
    then it has been back on 4,500km..then 7,000km..
    the scooter was ment to go in for a service a week before it blew up..thats why i getting it fixed now i had to wait a week till it went in for the service at 8,500km around that every time its serviced the i always get the carby looked at and everything checked to be all clear..
    also oils and that i always use synthetic castrol tts 2 stroke.
    other than that i let it warm up around 2mins before i go anywhere and dont full throttle for more 45 seconds..sincemy work is all 60zones to get there i dont need to use full throttle.
    granted it was only a cheap scooter $2700 new..but i was told by show and go and by reviews on net that they can handle the mods and handle the trip easy with constant use.
    this is more of a hassle for me since me and my wife only got one car since i sold mine to get the devil..
    the only thing i can think i shotty workman ship on the internals of the scooter in the mass production factory.
  18. OK, well your first stop should be the dealer. Make it clear that its far from acceptable.

    If you dont get anywhere with them, get onto Bolwel. It is highly likely they will try and palm you off because you have done modifications to the scoot. If they try that, tell them that the mods were done by THEIR approved dealer. Did the dealer make it clear that the mods would void the warranty? If not, then say that to Bolwell. Say to them that these were very small, basic mods which should not have caused this kind of catastrophic failure so soon.

    I still think they will just say "stiff poo poo" but its worth a try. If you still cant get anywhere, tell them that its a great pity because you are about to buy another scoot and because of their service you will not be buying another Bolwell and you'll be telling your scooter riding friends about the troubles you've had.

    Even when bikes or cars are out of warranty, it is not unheard of for the manufacturer/importer to want to keep customers happy so they may offer to cover the cost of the parts if you pay for the work. In fact as a last resort you could even suggest this.

    good luck man.
  19. to be honest wasnt even gonna stuff around with bolwel or show and go..to be honest dont like either of them the scooter was all i could aford at the time..i wanted an aprilia..

    well good news tho..the DEVIL is now running like an ANGEL..
    talked to paul and he had a 50cc jolie piston lying around from a 70cc kit up grade so i got that cheap. and the price for the repair was alot less than expected..$120 all up which was stuff all. while it was there he gave it a good clean on everything. even cleaned out the carbon in the exhaust plus done the carby again.
    now tho the scooter is running awsome..on the ride home i was cruising on 60 with the throttle quarter way and it wanted to go more.
    i didnt go over 65 except when i passed the learner doing 50kph..i was only doing 75kph lol. andi remember how much fun it is playing with vans and 4wd's at the lights.hahah.
    thanks for everyone who has posted.
  20. good to hear dude! have fun