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Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by Kurse, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. So I'm riding home the other morning after doing a 12 hour night shift. Cruisin down the highway, half asleep. It's very cold and foggy, I get into the right lane to turn right, I had the red arrow. I noticed a collapsed box [fruit box] on the ground right in front of me at the last minute.

    Next thing I knew the front wheel goes sliding out to the left, I shit myself and try to keep the bike upright, then BANG! I turf the bike on its right side. My 3000k old HD 09 Street Bob.

    So I pulled over, and look around, maybe there are some kids laughing near by or someone else to blame other than myself :p. It's 7am on a Sunday there's f-all people around of course :roll: .

    The damage -
    Bent bars
    Bent Right side forward controls
    Scratched exhaust [only noticable when up close]
    Slightly scratched right grip
    Scratched right mirror
    Scratched right indicator on front and back

    Could've been so much worse, but still it's a $700 lesson learned cause the bars need replacing and the internal wiring in the bars takes about 4 hours to re-wire or there abouts. Even worse I wake up at 1030am and hope that it was just a bad dream. So look out Con the Fruiterer, you're a dead man!

    Bright side is, now I have an excuse to buy some aftermarket grips :D But um, that's about it :( , I love the stock mini apes so i'm gonna just replace em.

    7 years of riding on the road and I never realised just how deadly a collapsed box and wet road could be. I knew it wouldn't be good, but wasn't expecting it to be THAT bad. On parr with Tram tracks I gotta say.

    All I can say is sh$t happens.
  2. Kurse think of it this way lucky it's only $700 and not months in hospital!!!
    Mate I was thinking maybe it's to late now but if you know what kind of fruit box it was eg: company name or brand. it may well be from the fruit markets and you could track down the driver and hit him up for damages.
    There is a law to cover your load but it is a long shot.
    Anyway glad to see its only scratch's and not broken bones :grin:

    Keep safe brother
  3. i am guessing at worse it could of been a waxed box. They can get slippery enough on a dry coolroom floor let alone a wet road. Glad it wasnt in the corner, and you weren't going a little faster.
  4. Lucky there was nothing IN the box, or it would have been a harder hit.

    Good to hear YOU'RE ok too :).
  5. Waxed boxes are best when they're slippery.
  6. Invest in some highway bars, they protect the foot controls and front end in low speed drops, and can absorb some of the force going on to the bars. I know its a bit late now but just in case it happens again. :)
  7. :shock: Children may be reading this Bravus. :roll:
  8. Now that you mention the possibility of being in hospital, I don't feel so bad :)

    Thanks guys, ride safe.
  9. Children won't know any better.

    Cracker of a call. :LOL:
  10. You're lucky the bike didn't fall on top of you. Escecially as the H-D isn't the lightest bike going around. Thats what happened to a mate, and the burn marks from the hot exhaust weren't pretty.
    It's amazing though, how you find the strength to get yourself out from under when pain and adrenalin are at their maximum.

    You were looking for an excuse to spend some of K-Rudds money weren't you?
  11. It's way longer than you can ever imagine.

    What's to say it wasn't an end consumer that lost it off the back of their ute, or it blew out of the local garbo truck?

    You would have better chance of finding a needle in a haystack.

    Sorry to hear about the drop, but as you say, it's a $700 lesson and you walked away from a crash.
  12. [​IMG]
  13. yeah .... $700 is better that 7 weeks in hospital. - a lucky escape.