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sharptune kawasaki & goldfren brake pads

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by oz_johnno, Jul 3, 2010.

  1. I brought a set of goldfren brakepads from sharptune in the middle of may. Last night I went and picked up my bike after her 48,000km service and my mechanic pulled me aside and told me I needed to put new pads on the front right now.

    Puzzled I brought another set because she is my daily ride and this morning I put them on.

    the gold fren pads after 6,000km were half worn on the left and almost down to the metal on the right.

    I had a word to sharptune who basically couldnt believe that I was complaining. They asked me how many sets of brake pads I had gone through on this bike. I told them 3, I got 19500 on the original set of front pads, I then got 23,000 out of the EBC's i put on second, and now about 6500km out of these before i changed them out this morning (now running ferodo sintergrip).

    he asked me how they felt, I told him 'like I had marshmallows for brakes' and he said thats funny cause they are supposed to be a 'harder' pad.

    I told him they werent, and asked him for my money back. He just looked at me and said that if I took the pads back into him he would send them off but 'brake pads just wear out, so I dont see much chance for you'

    I got the distinct feeling that if I were to drop them back to him, he would drop them in the bin after I left and forget about the whole deal.

    I was very disappointed both of the performance of the pads and the attitude of the sharptune guy.

    The pads cost me $100.

    Oh well a lesson brought is a lesson taught....... I certainly will not be going back there.

  2. Are you sure the caliper isnt seized? Sounds odd that one pad wore more than the other. If the caliper is seized and the pads are being held onto the disc it will wear the pads out very quickly.
  3. I had Goldfren pads on the 9 for a while. Even put a post up about it. They seemed ok...

    Think Pete has it. I'd be surprised by a mechanic who picked up a major bias in wear but didn't then recommend a caliper service. Seems like a natural next recommendation.
  4. I put them on mine at about 6000-7000kms. I just replaced them at about 80%worn and 12000kms later. Yours did better then the stock one on the rear of the hyo did though. It was gone at 3000kms. Goes to prove the advice when getting one, new pads, new rubber, First thing.
  5. I dont think one is siezed, when I installed the new pads the pistons pushed back nice and easily.

    I will keep an eye on it tough......

  6. I reckon you should drop them back & get them checked out, you never know!

    You could do a bit of a hardness test your self before hand, if one set is noticably softer than the other, that could explain it.

    Could be a dodgy batch, in which case I would be pushing for a new pair.