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Sharptune Kawasaki - Crap Service Rant

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by corsarius, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. A little advice: don't go here for bike service/repair.

    I could go on for some time here, but the short story is this:

    Took the KLR to sharptune in dandenong for a service and repair on an electrical fault:

    The bike came back with:

    1) a battery with no fluid in it.
    2) brake fluid below the "low" level.
    3) a faulty spark plug
    4) a $450 price tag for the 'service'

    Now it seems to me that these things are pretty straight forward as part of any service.

    The response from sharptune:

    "oh - the service was performed by an apprentice... just top them up and replace the plug and we'll reimburse you for the cost of the parts."

    Wait... what!?!?!?

    I don't care if it's performed by an apprentice, a clown, or a roomful of monkeys - somebody experienced should be checking these things, and in any case, the service items are on a bloody checklist for the bike! How hard is it!?

    This isn't the first time I've had trouble at this place: last time they forgot to bolt the tank back onto my old Hyosung.

    Am I the only one who's had a problem with these guys? Won't be going back.
  2. Mate,
    It's just NOT ON when things like this occur. With that price tag, I'd expect a proper service (and the rest !!!) , but to have the bike returned in the state you've mentioned is nothing short of disgusting!!!
    You've used them before, which they should reflect on, that is, ensuring YOU are treated right, at least, as a returning customer.
    I had a similar problem with Peter Stevens on one occasion. I won't bore you/others with my circumstances, but Consumer Affairs was involved after trying to reason with PS.
    Make the effort to try and alleviate the problem with the service centre first. Tell them what you expect done, and express your dissatisfaction with their service product.
    If this is ignored, then you have 2 options :

    1) Accept your losses and never set foot in there again, or
    2) Present them with a Letter Of Demand, requesting the entire service fee refunded in full. With the cheque in your hand, never set foot in there again.

    There is NO excuse for a service center to NOT do their job correctly and safely. After all, LIVES are involved. I almost came off a bike once due to negligent servicing from PS. The mere mention of me taking it to court (Consumer Affairs backed me 100%) saw PS refund the entire 400 odd dollars back quicker than you can blink.

    Learn your rights (talk with Consumer Affairs), familiarise yourself entirely on what was required to be done with this service and hit them up.
    I am confident in assuming that you won't be using their services again, but justice needs to be served, once in a while. There are many good ones still out there, as mentioned in a specific thread previously..Dynoverks being one which I cannot recommend enough. They are great.

    Good luck dude. Stay cool and YOU call the shots. They'd be up for MUCH worse if anything happened to you whilst riding due to their negligence, I can guarantee that. They know it, too.
  3. Point them to this post and remind them that 340,000 people each month read these forums ;)
  4. LoL They employ every aprentice that gets fired from PS dandy...
  5. corsarius,
    Get hold of your service schedule and go over every item that should have been inspected/changed/adjusted etc
    Make a list/report of all points that you find that arn't up to scratch (if you have a mechanically minded acquaintance then ask them to go over the bike with you).
    Photos for your own record can sometimes be useful in case the "nice guy" approach doesn't work.
    Take note of approximately how long you spend doing the above.
    Send (post, snail mail) a copy of the list to the repairer with a polite letter suggesting that a partial refund may possibly be in order.
    Don't threaten or call cast any aspersions regarding their parentage,(at this point). Agro is usually met with agro.
  6. These people are scum. sales team tell you anything you want to hear. Come service, i got quoted a price by two sepperate people at the same place for the same price... come pick up, blackmail to pay double if i want my bike back.

    PS: anyone know an honest and fair Kawa service center? (SE suburbs)
  7. I took my 2010 ZX6R to 60 Degrees in Clayton and they have done an awesome first service..
  8. Yes......