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Sharptune gone

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Garido, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. Looks like another motorcycle place has been taken over by Peter Stevens. Noticed Sharptune Kawasaki in Dandenong has now fot Peter Stevens signage on the building. Pity that.

  2. Another one bites the dust
  3. Yeah there website is gone as well, it's a shame, they always had good service there.
  4. Bugger.
    Support your local independent !
  5. Sad but true, it's just so expensive to run an independent business these days. The only survivors seem to be those that spread the cost over several outlets and even that doesn't guarantee success.
    Hopefully they sold up and got something for it, probably sitting under a palm tree sipping Singapore slings.
  6. I know but I fear the day when there is only one place left to go.
    Then your gonads will be placed firmly in a vice.
    And considering the main player spreading the territory doesn't come with the most flattering reputation is even more worrying.

    I'm prepared to support the independents. Yes it might occasionally cost me a few more bucks but in the long term I'm much better off
  7. I agree.
  8. Aw damn. Should have bought more than 4 oil filters last time then...

    Can't remember what I paid, but it was cheap.
  9. + 1 MM

    Getting harder to do depending on what bike/parts you want.

    I really hope a1 makes a go of their new Honda dealership in Ringwood.

    I got all the bits I wanted for my new bike from them, knew I was paying more than I could have got them from the net, but it wasn't that much more expensive and they did it all for me - well worth it IMO.

    Cheers Jeremy
  10. Good on you Jem. John and his team are doing an awesome job there in Ringwood.

    Interesting story actually with him taking up the Honda Dealership. Peter Stevens wanted to have that dealership originally when it became available earlier this year. But Honda defied them and went along with John, staying in main street Ringwood!

    Would be great if more people could support John and his team!
  11. Ive brought 2 bikes from A1 motorcycles in ringwood, great sales and service, latest bike I had to source elsewhere as they had nothing in my price range but if I had more cash i would have brought from them.

    I remember sharptune though would be the only place i would take my gsxr600 to even though I lived in sunshine at the time, now A1 is the place I go
  12. Indeed.....got my Ape from A1 and John's team.

    Great service
  13. Got my 1250 Bandit from John at A1.